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Support GroupsFind Support

A wide variety of support groups are available to the general public and address a wide range of topics. Groups are often free to attend, or request a small donation. They might be in the “12-Step” format, or can also be less structured. Support groups can be a valuable source of information and advice about problems relating to a shared experience.



Psychiatrist and woman patientFind Professional Resources and Outpatient Programs

On this page you will find a list of professional resources with varied specialties. You will find individual therapists, programs that conduct assessments, outpatient treatment programs, and more. We strive to include several options in each category. The providers listed are not necessarily endorsed by Be a Part of the Conversation.



Bm0055-06Find Residential (Inpatient) Treatment

On this page, you will find a list of residential, or “inpatient,” treatment programs. This provides a modest number of programs, and the facilities listed are not necessarily endorsed by Be a Part of the Conversation.



RecoveryLiving-sqFind Recovery Housing or Sober Living

On this page, you will find a number of transitional living options. This provides a modest number of programs. The facilities listed are not necessarily endorsed by Be a Part of the Conversation.




Helpful Videos & Audio Recordings

There are some very informative videos and audio recordings that provide valuable information about substance use, abuse and addiction, as well as illuminating insights that help us to become more informed parents, educators, and health care consumers.



Conversation Inspiration

We can all benefit from the wisdom, insights and humor of others. On this page you will find meaningful quotes, song lyrics and excerpts from stories. Do you have any others to suggest? Visit our Contact page and let us know!



Warning Signs

On this page you will find links to websites that help us recognize signs of a loved one’s experimentation, dependency or addiction. There are also opportunities to identify our own “enabling” behaviors, which might be another indication that there is reason for concern.



The Facts

There is a lot of misinformation out there. We strive to provide you with valid, well-researched information culled from reputable and respected professional and scientific institutions.



Recommended Reading

This extensive list of recommended reading was made possible by many friends of Be a Part of the Conversation. Please feel free to suggest other publications that you believe would be helpful by sending us an email that includes the book title and category.



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Useful Links

Take advantage of these helpful websites. If you know of other useful sites that you’d like us to share, please send a link to





Any views or opinions presented by the organizations found on these lists should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any particular organization. These lists are simply meant to assist in researching the many resources that are available. Also, please note that these lists are offered with the explicit understanding that Be a Part of the Conversation will not accept any liability with respect to your selection of any of the programs or organizations.