Our Programs Are at the Heart of Be a Part of the Conversation

Our audiences differ depending on the topic, but are often made up of:

• parents
• educators
• friends or family members who are concerned about a loved one
• people in recovery
• law enforcement
• professionals in the treatment field
• professionals in health care

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Be a Part of the Conversation presents interactive events that increase awareness and reduce stigma surrounding substance use, misuse and addiction. If you are an educator, community leader, health care provider, or if you represent an organization that believes we can all benefit from having meaningful conversations about substance use, and its affects on individuals and their families, we invite you to join us!

Initial Consultation

What are the greatest concerns in your community? Have there been an unusual number of alcohol-related issues? Are you seeing more heroin use? Has the current opioid crisis impacted your community? We will work with you to determine the topics that need to be addressed based on interviews with stakeholders in your community, such as educators, family members, local health care and treatment providers, and law enforcement officials.

There are two ways to Be a Part of the Conversation

1. Choose from our Program Menu above on an “as needed” basis.
2. Become a full Community Partner, and Be a Part of the Conversation will become an integral part of your community, providing ongoing support.