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“Less Worry, More Joy! Positive Parenting Strategies to Help Manage Anxiety and Worry” with Katherine Dahlsgaard, PhD took place in person and virtually on March 24, 2022

Dr. Dahlsgaard discussed and modeled specific, evidence-based strategies to help our children (and us!) manage chronic anxiety and stress, including as it relates to COVID-19, as well as outlining common pitfalls to avoid.

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Meet Our Presenter

Katherine Dahlsgaard, PhD, ABPP, Founder and Director of Brave is Better

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Book recommendation:  Positivity:  Top-Notch Research Reveals the 3-to-1 Ratio That Will Change Your Life
by Barbara Fredrickson

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Dr. Dahlsgaard mentioned Barbara Fredrickson, PhD

Here is her landmark paper, “What good are positive emotions?”
She also mentioned Roy F. Baumeister’s landmark “Bad is Stronger than Good” when she encouraged us to increase our Joy Quotient (JQ)
Here is the open access version of Baumeister’s paper:
Dr. Dahlsgaard said that we have reason to hope that a mental health crisis is not coming, for us or for our children, and that our distress will resolve when the stressors abate. To support that assertion:
Here is link to an adult longitudinal study of adaptation during COVID:
Here’s link to an adolescent longitudinal study of adaptation during COVID:

Here is Dr. Dahlsgaard’s list of Positive Affect Labeling

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Following up on the Thursday, February 17, 2022 Program

Now more than ever, technology plays a vital role in all our lives. It keeps us connected and can educate, illuminate and entertain. With increased use, kids can develop an unhealthy dependence on tech as an escape or way to avoid life’s challenges.

Gaming, social media, and streaming entertainment can be fun and relaxing, but moderation can easily slide toward dependence. We’ll provide strategies to help our kids develop a healthy relationship with technology, and skills to practice self-care.

Special guest, Michael Blanche, MSS, LCSW, a counselor specializing in adolescents and young adults, discussed the real-world challenges facing adolescents and young adults.

Meet Our Presenter

Michael Blanche, MSS, LCSW, Co-Founder of Ethos Treatment, LLC

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