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On this page we will introduce you to some of the wonderful parents who lead parent groups, or generally provide valuable support to other parents. They freely share their experience, strength and hope – not as professionals – simply as parents helping other parents who are on a shared journey.

Meet Some of Our Parents

Meet Pam & Bill Roberts
Meet Pam & Bill RobertsMain Line Parent Group
Pam has a BS degree from Temple University and has worked in Pharma for the last 16 years. Bill was educated overseas and has been the environmental business for 30 years. Pam and Bill (and their children) are in long term recovery. For the last 8 years, they have been active in starting and expanding parent support groups on the east coast, interacting with hundreds of parents, therapists, recovery service providers, non-profits, and government representatives to educate and transform “parental behaviors” – something they consider to be a prerequisite to improving prospects for a reconnected family.

Since 2012, Pam and Bill have been preparing a series of Parent Support Group manuals – including personal experiences by dozens of Parent Group members and their therapists – as resources for parents and other family members to gain a better understanding of the disease of addiction, how it impacts the whole family, and how behavioral changes associated with “parental recovery” translate to giving their kids a better chance at recovery.
>> Read the manuals here.

The Main Line Parent Group meets every Wednesday at 7 pm. >> Click here for details.

Meet Richard Roisman
Meet Richard RoismanPhiladelphia Parent Group
Richard strives to be the man his blind toy poodle thinks he is.

The Philadelphia Parent Group meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 7 pm at Rodeph Shalom, 615 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Meet Donna Jacobsen
Meet Donna JacobsenThe Allentown Thursday Parent Group
Five years ago, Donna Jacobsen didn’t imagine that she would be an inspiration for other parents facing crisis through their child’s disease of addiction. In fact, five years ago, Donna was still in fear that her child would never recover.

Today, however, with her daughter in long-term recovery and her family continuing to heal from the events that put them in crisis mode, Donna has become an inspiration and support system for many in the Lehigh Valley.

For Donna, weaving her advocacy work into her daily life is her new norm. The busy mother of three and grandmother to one is the managing director of a full-service travel agency with offices in Nashville and the Lehigh Valley who finds time to run the thriving business and care for her family amidst the other myriad responsibilities and activities she’s passionate about.

Donna and her daughter tell their story in H.O.P.E. ( Heroin Opioid Prevention Education ), the cornerstone tool of a program developed to respond to the growing concern around the region’s heroin and opioid epidemic. In an effort to create awareness among the community, teachers, administrators and parents, Donna continues to make regular appearances at H.O.P.E. presentations throughout the area to advocate and answer questions related to her experience.

Creating awareness and helping people via social media, in group and individual support situations as well as working with the Lehigh County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board is an important focus for Donna, whose determination and strength is found in her children and grandchild, her husband of 37 years, her friends and her faith community at Faith Church of Allentown.

The Lehigh Valley Parent Group meets every Thursday, 7 pm at First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, 3231 Tilghman Street, Allentown, PA 18104

Meet Lauren Springer, MSW
Meet Lauren Springer, MSWNorthern New Jersey Parent Group
Lauren currently facilitates a Caron Foundation support group for parents of addicted children in Northern NJ. She is also the Family Liaison for Turning Point, a treatment program for young men in Connecticut. She believes that parents having their own recovery program is not only essential to their own health and well-being, but in turn aids in their sons’ recovery. Much of the insight Lauren brings to the position of Family Liaison is from her personal experience as the mother of a son who has the disease of addiction.

Lauren believes that much of her strength comes from involvement in recovery programs as well as in helping other parents build a program of recovery to find peace and serenity in their own lives. Lauren earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration in adolescent health care. She has worked with adolescents and their families throughout her career in hospital setting, child protection, judicial system, special education and social service development in NJ.

The Northern New Jersey Parent Group meets every Tuesday at 7:30 pm. 14 Hope Street, The Holmstead School, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Meet Lori Quintavalle
Meet Lori QuintavallePlymouth Meeting Parent Group - Newcomers
Lori Quintavalle graduated from the University of New Mexico. She has owned Incentives and Promotions, a promotional products business since 1998. She also teaches private swim lessons and water aerobics and loves inspiring people to love the water as much as she does.

Lori and her husband Ed have been going to parent support groups for the past 6 years. They have 2 children. Their 24-year-old son became involved with drugs at a very young age and has been in and out of treatment centers for the last 6 years. He continues to keep trying and Ed and Lori continue to be hopeful that one day he will be in long-term recovery. Parent groups literally saved their marriage and they are both committed to helping others on this very difficult, heartbreaking journey. Through our roller coaster of emotions and heartbreaks receiving other parents support and our helping others has made this journey not only bearable but actually has enriched our lives with so many very dear new friends.

Lori began a program uniting moms of addicts with the women of Interim House, a residential treatment program for women in Philadelphia. Lori and the moms provide dinner once or twice a month while sharing their stories, love and gratitude. A magical healing for the moms and the women happens on these very special evenings. It is what Lori is most proud of in her life – seeing suffering, often hopeless moms love and offer support to women battling addiction who are so courageous.

The Plymouth Meeting Parent Newcomers Group meets every Thursday, 7 pm at Interchange Corporate Center, 450 Plymouth Meeting Road, Suite 301, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Meet Marti & Dave Phillips
Meet Marti & Dave PhillipsWest Chester Parent Group - Newcomers
Marti has a BS in Education and is the Response to Instruction and Intervention teacher at a local elementary school. Dave also holds a BS in Education, owns a local business and stays active in his community.

As a 1993 alumni of Caron, Dave knew where to turn when his oldest son showed signs of having an addiction. After the Caron Family Education Program, Dave and Marti began attending the West Chester Caron Parent Support Group. They found that the experience, strength and hope of the group helped them navigate their way during difficult times. Here they not only received support, they were provided with important resources and information that got them started on their own recovery. With the help of Gordon Woodrow, they started a Newcomers group in West Chester where time is given for each person to speak and ask questions every week. Their goal is to pass along the foundation of recovery that was so freely given to them. Dave, Marti and both of their young adult sons are living in long term recovery today.

The West Chester Parent Newcomers Group meets every Monday, 7 pm at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, 10 W. Pleasant Grove Road, West Chester, PA 19382

Meet Kim Rubenstein, CRS
Meet Kim Rubenstein, CRSHatboro Parent Group
Kim Rubenstein is the Executive Director of Be a Part of the Conversation. Having attended the Plymouth Meeting, PA Caron support group since 2010, she is now facilitating the Hatboro Parent Partnership meeting Thursdays at 7pm.

Kim is honored to serve on the Regional Advisory Board and National Alumni Leadership Council of Caron Treatment Center. She is also the recipient of Caron’s “Brian Early Community Leadership Award.” Having worked independently for more than 25 years as a graphic designer and marketer, today Kim is a Certified Recovery Specialist and is happy to put all her creative energy into spreading the word about Be a Part of the Conversation and the many other opportunities to help families find recovery.

Kim has lived in Horsham, PA since 1995, where she and Michael raised two wonderful children who support this amazing journey she has embarked upon.

The Hatboro Parent Group meets every Thursday at 7 pm. >> Click here for details.

Meet Gail Osborne, M.S., C.R.S.
Meet Gail Osborne, M.S., C.R.S.Limerick Parent Group
Gail is a graduate of Duke University with an M.S. from the University of Montana. Her personal experiences have led her to a mission she is passionate about – the recovery of individuals and families dealing with substance abuse and other addictions.

Blessed with broad life experiences that range from Rocky Mountain wilderness exploration and field geology, East Coast competitive sports (field hockey, whitewater racing and tennis), and environmental business management in both areas, she is still finding ways to live life to its fullest.

In addition to coordinating a parent support group in Montgomery County, Gail owns and operates Synergy Houses, a business dedicated to providing quality residential recovery opportunities to young men and women. Her background in business, project management, risk assessment, and recovery are helpful in bringing that mission to reality.

The Limerick Parent Group meets every Wednesday, 7 pm at Crossroads Presbyterian Church, 10 West Cherry Lane, Limerick, PA 19468

Meet Nancy Clifford, MA
Meet Nancy Clifford, MANancy Clifford, MA, Lifeline Therapy, Career and Life Coach / Certified MBTI Practitioner
Through her six-session Actionable Insights Program, Nancy coaches individuals in recovery to reframe strengths, rework stories, and initiate next steps in order to heal, grow, and rebuild their careers and lives. In addition, she helps parents of children with substance abuse disorder to identify and transform their enabling style into recovery strengths.

“I’ve been successful working closely with mental health professionals by referral to augment the services they provide to their clients.”

>> Visit Nancy’s website.

Meet Carol and Bob Livingston
Meet Carol and Bob LivingstonCarol: Allentown Parent Support Group | Bob: Easton Parent Support Group
Carol is a graduate from the University of Central Arkansas, and has been working in the interior design field for over twenty years. Bob is a graduate from Bethany College, and is an independent Certified Financial Planner. He is also retired Naval Officer.

Life changed for Carol and Bob when addiction surfaced in their family in 2006, with their 16 year old son. As his struggle with addiction and co-occurring disorders grew, chaos and strife began to quickly envelop and strain the entire family. However, that all began to change the day Carol and Bob drove 40 miles and arrived at their first Caron Parent Support Group meeting in 2009. Through attending weekly meetings, and gaining wisdom from other parents who ‘have been there’ and learning the parental behaviors that needed to change, they began to take back control of their lives. Today, Carol and Bob are in long term ‘parent recovery’.

In 2011, with gratitude for their new found ‘recovery’, they saw the need for similar support in their local community. Choosing to pay it forward, they have helped establish two Caron Parent Support Groups in Allentown, PA, and a third group in Easton, PA.

Each week they meet to help other struggling parents find strength, hope, and support. In addition, to further shed the light on the benefits of group parent support in the family recovery process, they actively network with local service providers, and therapist throughout their community.

The Allentown Sunday Parent Group meets weekly at 6:30 PM at First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, 3231 Tilghman St. (Room 120) Allentown, PA 18104

The Easton Parent Group meets every Monday, 7 PM at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 3900 Freemansburg Ave, Easton, PA 18045