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Be a Part of the Conversation’s mission is to equip families and communities in Pennsylvania with skills and resources to understand substance use, addiction, and related health issues. We provide community programs, foster supportive connections, highlight lived experiences, and challenge stigma.

As we navigate medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, and the potential for the legalization of recreational use, our goal is to provide important information about the impact of marijuana on the developing adolescent and young adult brain.

Following up on the Friday, April 5, 2024 Program

A Program for Pennsylvania Changemakers! This video is intended for… ✓ Elected Officials ✓ Members of Law Enforcement ✓ Community Leaders ✓ All Changemakers As we navigate medical marijuana, and the potential for the legalization of adult use cannabis, it is essential that we mitigate any negative impact of cannabis use on our youth. Our guest speaker was Jonathan P. Caulkins, PhD


This program was funded by the
Montgomery County Office of Drug & Alcohol.

> PA Medical Marijuana Program Metrics as of 3/1/2024

> Number of Medical Marijuana patients associated with each of the Serious Medical Conditions: 2017 through 2023

Data as of January 1, 2024:

  • Active Patient Certifications: 436,018
  • Approved Practitioners: 1,920
  • Active Carded Caregivers: 9,286
  • Operational Dispensaries:  177
  • MMAP Phase 3 Financial Benefit Given: $400,587.09
  • Operational Grower/Processors:  33

> PA Medical Marijuana Card and Anxiety: What the research says  |  WHYY – January 4, 2024

Meet Our Guest Presenter, Jonathan Caulkins, PhD

Following Up  | April 28, 2023 Online Program

Recorded on Friday, April 28, 2023:  We heard from Gillian Schauer, PhD, MPH, a Senior Consultant to a number of federal and state agencies. Dr. Schauer shared lessons learned and addressed how to identify best practices to safeguard public health, promote equity, and promote regulatory certainty.

Meet Our Presenter

Gillian Schauer, PhD, MPH

Executive Director,
Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA)

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Click here to listen to:  The Huberman Lab’s “The Effects of Cannabis on the Brain & Body”

This is quite long, but has some very important information about mental health at around 2 hours, 18 minutes in.

Click here to watch:  The video with the animated kiwi bird, which helps us to understand tolerance.

View a PowerPoint from the April 12, 2023 Medical Marijuana Advisory Board Meeting

Running the Numbers:  Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania (as of 3/30/2023):

  • Almost 4% of Pennsylvanians (425,367) have a medical marijuana card and are active patients.

  • 6% of Pennsylvanians (898,882) are enrolled in the medical marijuana program

  • Most states with medical marijuana have about 2% of their population enrolled.

  • 1,825 physicians are approved to certify patients in PA

  • There are currently  173 medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania

  • 87.9 Million Products Dispensed

  • $7.3 Billion in Total Sales;

  • $2.9 Billion by G/Ps to Dispensaries; and

  • $4.4 Billion by Dispensaries

Pennsylvania medical marijuana is still working under temporary regulations. In October 2022, the Independent Regulatory Commission published permanent regulations, but they have not been adopted.

A comprehensive bill that will address both medical and adult use cannabis is expected in the next legislative session. Delta 8 THC, as well as the definition of intoxication will also be addressed.

CANNRA’s Mission is to convene, educate, and support governmental jurisdictions responsible for implementing cannabis policies and regulations. We do this by fostering collaboration and coordination to identify and share best practices that safeguard public health and consumer safety, promote equity, and create regulatory certainty for industry participants.

White Papers & Fact Sheets

CANNRA News & Outreach

Following Up  | September 18, 2020 Online Program

Recorded on Friday, September 18, 2020:  We heard from Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, Dr. Val Arkoosh, and author and marijuana policy expert, Ben Cort.

Meet Our Presenters

Valerie A. Arkoosh, MD, MPH

Montgomery County Board of Commissioners

Ben Cort

Author, Weed, Inc.
Marijuana Policy Expert

↓ Watch the September 18, 2020 Webinar ↓

Be a Part of the Conversation is pleased to partner with the Montgomery County Office of Drug & Alcohol on the Youth Marijuana Prevention Project (YMPP), a five-year initiative which launched in July 2019.

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