Below you will find news articles relevant to substance use, abuse and/or addiction, as well as the impact of alcohol and other drugs on young people.

More Children are Being Poisoned by Prescription Opioids
By Shefali Luthra, NPR; October 31, 2016

Addiction Experts Warn Millennials of Adderall Use
By Joseph Pleasant, WWLP22; October 28, 2016

Macklemore Shows Harsh Reality of Prescription Drug Abuse in ‘Drug Dealer’ Music Video
By Fox News; October 26, 2016

Prescription Heroin Gets Green Light in Canada
By Susan Scutti, CNN; September 14, 2016

Middle-aged Parents are Now More Likely to Smoke Weed than Their Teenage Kids
By Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post; September 2, 2016

TurnTheTide: The Surgeon General is Calling On Us to Lead
By US Surgeon General; August 26, 2016

Carfentanil: Heroin Laced with Elephant Tranquilizer Hits the Streets
By Nadia Kounang and Tony Marco, CNN; August 25, 2016

After Much Delay, Pennsylvania to Launch Prescription Drug Monitoring Database
By Elana Gordon, Newsworks; August 22, 2016

Governor Wolf Takes Aim at Opioids in Philly
By Sam Wood, The Philadelphia Inquirer; August 6, 2016

Heroin Overdoses Hit Statewide, But Antidote Hasn’t
By John Finnerty, The Daily Item; August 3, 2016

Democrats Aren’t the Only Tourists Flocking to Philadelphia. So Are Heroin Addicts.
By Brian Bennett, Los Angeles Times; July 23, 2016

PA Drug Deaths Skyrocketed in 2015
By Don Sapatkin, The Philadelphia Inquirer; July 13, 2016

Marijuana Use May Blunt Brain Response to Rewards
By Jolynn Tumolo, Psych Congress Network; July 12, 2016

Medical Marijuana Reduces Prescription Drug Use, Study Finds
By Don Sapatkin, The Philadelphia Inquirer; July 8, 2016

Prescription Drug Monitoring Saves Lives, Could Save More
By Ronnie Cohen, Psych Congress Network; July 8, 2016

After 20 Years and Many Billions, Pfizer Finally Admits That Opioids Are Addictive
By Martha Rosenberg, Alternet; July 8, 2016

Wolf Proposal Would Have Doctors Check Pill Database
By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; July 6, 2016

BLOG: Why Does Pennsylvania Need the Centers of Excellence?
By Ted Dallas, Secretary of the PA Department of Human Services; June 29, 2016

Heroin Overdose Deaths Have Tripled in 5 Years, DEA Says
By Jack Date and Geneva Sands, ABC News; June 29, 2016

Obama Plan for Opioid Epidemic Could Mean Millions for Pennsylvania
By Adam Smeltz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 25, 2016

Mothers of Addicts and Women in Recovery (Sometimes Mothers, Too), Gather to Fill a Void
By Anndee Hochman, The Philadelphia Inquirer; June 23, 2016

Wolf Plans to Call Special Session to Address Opioid Crisis
By Colt Shaw, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 23, 2016

Local Patients Among First in U.S. to Receive New Opioid Addiction Implant
6ABC Health & Fitness; June 20, 2016

To Cut Opioid Abuse, Watch Doctors, Study Says
By Maggie Fox, NBC News; June 6, 2016

Why Dentists Write Too Many Scripts
By Paul Jablow, The Philadelphia Inquirer; May 29, 2016

The Struggle With Painkillers: Treating Pain Without Feeding Addiction
By Marissa Melton, Voices of America; May 29, 2016

Probuphine: A Game-Changer in Fighting Opioid Dependence
NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse); May 26, 2016

1.2 Million College Students Drink Alcohol on a Typical Day, and More than 703,000 Use Weed
By Rosanna Xia, Los Angeles Times; May 26, 2016

The Risky Road When an Injured Young Athlete Takes a Painkiller
By Anthony Green, SafeKids Worldwide; May 10, 2016

The Opioid Epidemic We Failed to Foresee
By David A. Kessler, NY Times; May 6, 2016

As Prescription Drug Abuse Grows, Some Medical Schools Revamp Curriculum
By Elana Gordon, Newsworks; April 1, 2016

Brain Dopamine Release Reduced in Severe Marijuana Dependence
NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse); March 22, 2016

Penn Researchers Show Rising Opioid Prescriptions Following Low-Risk Surgeries
Penn Medicine News Release; March 18, 2016

CDC Painkiller Guidelines Aim to Reduce Addiction Risk
By Sabrina Tavernise, The New York Times; March 15, 2016

Drug Overdoses Increasing Exponentially in Pennsylvania
By Justin Heinze, Roxborough-Manayunk Patch; March 11, 2016

Montgomery DA: Arrest yields one of the largest drug seizures in the county.
By Margaret Gibbons, The Intelligencer; February 17, 2016

Senate Committee Passes CARA
By Julie Miller, Behavioral Healthcare; February 11, 2016

Staying Sober After Treatment Ends
By Tina Rosenberg, NY Times; February 9, 2016

President Obama Proposes $1.1 Billion in New Funding to Address the Prescription Opioid Abuse and Heroin Use
The White House Office of the Press Secretary; February 2, 2016

A First: Pennsylvania Public High Schools to Carry Heroin Antidote
NBC10 Staff; February 2, 2016

Death By Fentanyl: A 4-Part Video Series
Fusion; February 1, 2016

Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse
Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Rob Portman (R-OH), Governor Peter Shumlin (D-VT), federal drug policy officials, and advocates testified at a hearing on heroin and prescription drug abuse. Dr. Nora Volkow told committee members the over-prescribing of painkillers must be addressed if the nation is to address the heroin addiction epidemic.

C-SPAN; January 27, 2016

Implant for Opioid Addicts Urged for Federal Approval
By Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times; January 12, 2016

In Drug Epidemic, Resistance to Medication Costs Lives
By Christine Vestal, The Pew Charitable Trusts; January 11, 2016

Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Recaptured Months After Brazen Escape
By Joshua Partlow, The Washington Post; January 8, 2016

Alcohol Was But a Symptom
By Kelly Fitzgerald, Huffington Post; January 8, 2016

For 2016 Candidates, Fight Against Addiction is Often Personal
By Rebecca Kaplan, CBS News; January 7, 2016

West Virginia Allows Painkiller Addicts to Sue Prescribing Doctors
By Jim Axelrod and Ashley Velie, CBS News; January 6, 2016

The Real Reason Study Drugs Are a Bad Idea
By Kate Dwyer, TeenVogue; January 6, 2016

On the Campaign Trail in NH, Heartbreak Over Heroin Addiction
By Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour; January 5, 2016

Studies Suggest Alcohol is Killing More Americans than Ever
By Jason Brusse, Apex Tribune; December 26, 2015

Encouraging News from Monitoring the Future
National Institute on Drug Abuse; December 16, 2015

Overprescribing of Opioids is Not Limited to a Few Bad Apples
Researchers find that prescribing of opioids — such as morphine, oxycodone and hydrocodone — is widespread for the Medicare population.
By Beth Duff-Brown, Stanford Medicine; December 15, 2015

60 Minutes VIDEO: A New Direction on Drugs
Top drug official Michael Botticelli says the old war on drugs is all wrong, and wants to refocus the country’s drug policy.
By Scott Pelley, CBS News; December 13, 2015

Millions of Teens are Using a New App to Post Anonymous Thoughts, and Most Parents Have No Idea
By Moriah Balingit, Washington Post; December 8, 2015

Governor Chris Christie and Leaders at Caron Treatment Centers Discuss Solutions to America’s Addiction Epidemic
Press Release; December 8, 2015

Smoking High-Strength Cannabis May Damage Nerve Fibres in Brain
By Ian Sample, The Guardian; November 26, 2015

Philly’s Drug Problems Are Probably Bigger Than You Think
By Victor Fiorillo, Philadelphia Magazine; November 20, 2015

PA Leads Nation in Young Men’s Overdose Deaths, NJ 4th
By Don Sapatkin, Philadelphia Inquirer; November 19, 2015

American Medical Association to Ban Prescription Drug Commercials
Alternative World News Network; November 18, 2015

Medical Marijuana Bill Advances in the Pennsylvania House
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; November 18, 2015

Stop Calling it Behavioral Health!
Does the term cause stigma and discrimination?
By Robert Kent, JD and Charles Morgan, MD, The Fix; November 12, 2015

How Recovering Addicts Can Have Good, Clean Fun Fun Fun at Fun Fun Fun Fest
By Audrey McGlinchy, WKUT; November 6, 2015

‘Smart Drugs’ Are Here – Should College Students Be Allowed to Use Them?
By Princess Ojiaku, The Washington Post; November 3, 2015

Heroin In the Heartland
By Bill Whitaker, 60 Minutes; November 1, 2015

California Doctor Convicted of Murder Charges in Overdose of Patients
By Marisa Gerber, Lisa Girion and Jeames Queally, NY Times; October 30, 2015

The Opioid Epidemic in America
The White House; October 21, 2015

Montgomery County’s Standing Order Makes Overdose Antidote Available Without Prescription
By Kaitlyn Foti, The Times Herald; October 15, 2015

Opioids are Ravaging Pennsylvania
By Senator Pat Toomey, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; October 14, 2015

N.J. County Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Program to Pay for Overdose Victims’ Rehab
By Alex Young,; October 7, 2015

Obama Vows to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse
By Ariel Cohen, The Washington Examiner; September 26, 2015

Pope Francis’ Call to the Poor Leads to a New Ministry in Kensington
By Helen Ubinas, Philadelphia Daily News; September 25, 2015

Kate Middleton Makes a Surprise Visit to a Women’s Prison
“I was reminded today how addictions lie at the heart of so many social issues and how substance misuse can play such a destructive role in vulnerable people’s lives.”
By Josh Duboff, Vanity Fair; September 25, 2015

CVS to Sell Overdose Reversal Drug Without a Prescription in 12 More States
By Nick Wing, The Huffington Post; September 23, 2015

Several Bucks Schools to Have Heroin Antidote Available
By Joan Hellyer, The Morning Call; September 23, 2015

Steven Tyler and Sheryl Crow to Play
By Peter Shumlin, The New York Times; September 21, 2015

OxyContin Is Not for Kids
By Peter Shumlin, The New York Times; September 21, 2015

Thousands March in Support of, and Hope for, Addiction Recovery
By Suzette Parmley, Philadelpha Inquirer; September 20, 2015

Study Reveals Peak Months for College Students’ 1st Drug Use
Chicago Associated Press; August 28, 2015

Report Tracks Collegiate Substance Abuse
Philadelphia Inquirer; August 27, 2015

Expanded National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week Begins January 25
National Institutes of Health; August 27, 2015

How the Prescription Painkiller Fentanyl Became a Street Drug
By Nadia Whitehead, NPR; August 26, 2015

Matthew Perry Opens Up About Drug Abuse And ‘The Perry House’
By Lasitha Raj, KDramaStars; August 25, 2015

Why Europe Is Exploring Drug Decriminalization
By Rebecca McCray, TakePart; August 24, 2015

Joe Walsh, Steve Tyler to Perform at Addiction Awareness Rally
By Kory Grow, Rolling Stone Magazine; 2015

Edible Marijuana Is Booming, But These Aren’t Your Father’s Pot Brownies
By Eric March, Upworthy; August 18, 2015

A Town in Massachusetts Decided to Stop Arresting Drug Users. Two Months Later, Here’s How It’s Going.
By Eric March, Upworthy; August 18, 2015

Heroin Isn’t the Problem. Prescription Painkillers Are
By Anny Haglage, The Daily Beast; August 17, 2015

U.S. Budgets Cash to Treat Heroin Abuse in Northeast
By Michael Shear, New York Times; August 17, 2015

The ‘Only Town’ in America Where Cops Grant Amnesty to Drug Addicts Seeking Help
By Terrence McCoy, Washington Post; August 17, 2015

Dependence Leaves Pain Patients Cut Off
By Darisse Smith, Task & Purpose; August 17, 2015

When Rehab Might Help an Addict – But Insurance Won’t Cover It
By Ben Allen, NPR; August 16, 2015

Discussing Drug Use With Your Preteen and Teens
By Rosemary Boisvert, News-Press; August 16, 2015

Yes, Powdered Alcohol is Real. It’s Already Banned in New York and At Least 20 Other States.
By Abby Phillip, Washington Post; August 15, 2015

FDA Approves OxyContin for Kids 11 to 16
By Liz Szabo, USA Today; August 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton Focuses on Drug Abuse and Mental Illness at N.H. Event
By Colleen McCain Nelson, Wall Street Journal; August 11, 2015

Hooked on Pharmaceuticals: Prescription Drug Abuse in the World
By Chris Elkins, DrugWatch; August 10, 2015

Governor Chris Christie Signs Bills to Expand Substance Abuse Recovery Efforts
By Kevin Roberts, PolitickerNJ; August 10, 2015

Blood Pressure Drug May Help Prevent Opioid Relapse
By Nancy A. Melville, MedScape; August 10, 2015

Q&A: Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse
Dr. Nora Volkow represents a lot of inconvenient truths about marijuana that just don’t square with industry claims and popular opinion that the drug is medicine, “safer than alcohol” – or even on its way to being adequately regulated by states that have sanctioned its use.
By Christine Tatum, The Gazette; August 9, 2015

What Last Weekend’s Rave Looked Like to ER Doctors
By Rong-Gon Lin II and Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times; August 7, 2015

Related: Death of Two Women at Hard Summer Rave Rekindles Festival Drug Concerns
By Richard Winton, Rong-Gon Lin II and August Brown, Los Angeles Times; August 3, 2015

Clothing Company ‘Glamorizing’ Drug Abuse Writes Callous Email to Mom of Son Who Died from a Heroin Overdose
By Imogen Calderwood, Daily Mail; August 7, 2015

Addiction in Seniors: ‘It’s at Epidemic Levels’
By Megan Combs, Behavioral Healthcare; August 6, 2015

The Myth of Portugal’s Drug Policy
By Howard Weissman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; August 5, 2015

To Stem Addiction, Recreational Drug Users Tapped for Clinical Abuse Trials
By Hari Sreenivasan, PBS Newshour; August 2, 2015

Community Leaders From Across the Country Head to Indianapolis for CADCA 2015 Mid-Year Training Institute Aug. 2-6
PRNewswire-USNewswire; July 31, 2015

Opioid Overdose and Abuse Awareness Campaigns Continue to Grow
By C.J. Arlotta, Forbes; July 31, 2015

Macklemore Just Got Incredibly Honest About His Substance Abuse Problems
By Kaitlin Reilly, Cambio; July 30, 2015

AMA, Other Groups Take On Patient Drug Abuse
By Steven Ross Johnson, Modern Healthcare; July 29, 2015

5 Things We Learned from Jim Morrison’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse
By Matt Goldener, D.O., Huffington Post; July 29, 2015

The Face of Recovery: Former addict now works with Hatboro-Horsham’s substance abuse, addictions support organization.
By Stephen Pileggi, Public Spirit; July 23, 2015

Obama Commutes Sentences for 46 Drug Offenders
By Julie Hirschfeld David, NY Times; July 13, 2015

New Study Reveals Dangers of Opioid Abuse for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers
By Peter Lam, Medical News Toady; July 12, 2015

Obituaries Shed Euphemisms to Chronicle Toll of Heroin
By Katharine Q. Seelye, NY Times; July 11, 2015

CDC: Heroin-Related Overdose Deaths Quadruple
By Sandee LaMotte, CNN; July 7, 2015

Fear and Loathing in Hatboro: A recovering addict’s story and mission to help others get sober
By Jack Firneno, Midweek Wire; July 7, 2015

State Dentists Advised to Join Fight Against Opioid Abuse
By Anicka Slachta, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; July 5, 2015

McShin Foundation President Understand Pitfalls of Addiction
By Tammie Smith, Richmond Times-Dispatch; July 5, 2015

Preventable Deaths Are High Among Ex-Prisoners
By Jane Collingwood, Pych Central; July 1, 2015

OxyContin Maker Drops Out of FDA Meeting to Review Newer, Abuse-Deterrent Tablet
By Matthew Perrone, US News & World Report; June 30, 2015

Concentrated Marijuana Rolls In as New Drug Threat
By Paula Wolfson, WTOP; June 30, 2015

Gateway Drug: Some of the Reasons Teens Smoke Pot Are Also the Reasons They Try Hard Drugs
By Anthony Rivas, Medical Daily; June 29, 2015

Five Arrested as Upper Darby Cops Lead Meth Raids in Drexel Hill
By Linda Reilly, DelCo Times; June 28, 2015

Many Primary Care Doctors Have Misconceptions About Prescription Painkiller Abuse
By Ed Cara, Medical Daily; June 28, 2015

Be a Part of the Conversation Welcomes New Board Member
By Katalinas Communications, Horsham Patch; June 26, 2015

How Painkillers Are Turning Young Athletes Into Heroin Addicts
By L. Jon Wertheim and Ken Rodriguez, Sports Illustrated; June 18, 2015

Grieving Families Fight Heroin Epidemic as Deaths Reach All-Time High
By Barbara Laker, Philadelphia Daily News; June 15, 2015

Underage Drinking, Binge Boozing By Minors is On the Decline
By Tyler Pager, USA Today; June 11, 2015

Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens Still a Concern, Doctor’s Say
By Ron Snyder, WMAR Baltimore; June 11, 2015

Penn State Drug Abuse Conference Teaches Pennsylvania Teens to Be Leaders
By Michael Martin Garrett,; June 11, 2015

$3.3 Million Heroin Bust is Philly Region’s Biggest in 20 Years: DA
By Morgan Zealot, NBC 10; June 10, 2015

7 Things That Get Me High Today (Instead of Booze)
By Beth Leipholtz, The Fix; June 8, 2015

Heroin Doesn’t Have to Be a Killer
By Nicholas Kristof, NY Times; June 6, 2015

Why America Can’t Kick Its Painkiller Problem
By Massimo Calabresi, Time Magazine; June 4, 2015

A Blind Eye to Addiction: Drug and alcohol addicts in the U.S. aren’t getting the comprehensive treatment they need.
By Lloyd Sederer, US News & World Report; June 1, 2015

Partnership Parent Coach Denise Mariano Honored by White House
By Candice Besson, Partnership for Drugfree Kids; May 28, 2015

Drug Overdose, On the Rise, Cropping Up as Campaign Issue
By Tamara Keith, NPR; May 28, 2015

Issues Concerning Substance Abuse Patient Confidentiality Laws
By Molly Nicol Lewis, National Law Review; May 28, 2015

Any Dose of Alcohol Combined with Cannabis Significantly Increases Levels of THC in Blood
Science Daily; May 27, 2015

How Texas College Students Are Using Yoga and Tailgating to Stay Sober
By Tyler Kingkade, Huffington Post; May 27, 2015

Governor Wolf: Decriminalize Marijuana – “We Break Up Families for Reasons We Shouldn’t”
WPXI Pittsburgh; May 21, 2015

States Lack Accurate Statistics on Widespread Heroin Use
By Ben Allen, NPR; May 21, 2015

D.A.R.E. Program in NJ As You Know It is Gone
By Rebecca Forand,; May 20, 2015

Secondhand Pot Smoke Gives Bystanders Mild ‘High’?
HealthDay; May 20, 2015

Researchers Identify a Potentially Effective Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction
Medical Express; May 19, 2015

Drug, Alcohol Deaths on Rise in Maryland
By Barry Simms, WBAL; May 19, 2015

Study: Use of Prescription Pain Medications Among Medical Cannabis Patients
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs; May 18, 2015

6 Things I Learned During Two Years Without Alcohol
By Kelly Fitzgerald, Huffington Post; May 18, 2015

What the F Is Wrong With Parents Who Buy Booze for Their Kids?
By Allison Hudson, Huffington Post; May 15, 2015

Death After Treatment for Heroin Dependence
By Kenneth Anderson, ProTalk; May 14, 2015

Pennsylvania Coroner Releases Data Showing Increased Drug-Related Overdose Deaths
By Brittany Marshall, Your4State; May 14, 2015

Scientists Find Hyped New Recreational Drug ‘Flakka’ is as Addictive as Bath Salts
Medical News Today; May 11, 2015

Changing Faces of Addiction: Mothers Who Lost Children to Overdoses Work to Help Other Families
By Josh Sidorowicz, Fox 17 West Michigan; May 5, 2015

Seven Things That Raise Your Teen’s Drug Risk (and What to Do About Them)
By David Sack, MD,; May 4, 2015

$16.2 Million in Drugs Seized by PA State Police in 2015
By Christian Alexandersen, PennLive; April 27, 2015

Expanding Naloxone Use Could Reduce Drug Overdose Deaths and Save Lives
Press Release: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; April 24, 2015

Workers Seeking Productivity in a Pill are Abusing A.D.H.D. Drugs
By Alan Schwarz, New York Times; April 18, 2015

Serving All Your Heroin Needs
By Sam Quinones; April 17, 2015

Can Sleep Problems in Teens Predict Substance Abuse?
By Dr. Michael J. Breus, Huffington Post; April 17, 2015

Substance Abuse Reported by About 1 in 10 American Workers
Robert Preidt, US News & World Report; April 16, 2015

Study: Smoking Can Promote Alcohol Addiction
By Ruby Kannan, The News Reports; April 16, 2015

Montco Drug Task Force Intercepts Kilo of Heroin in Norristown, PA
By Jim Melwert, CBS Philly; April 15, 2015

Adolescent Abuse of Prescription, OTC Drugs Remains an Issue
Helio; April 13, 2015

Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Release Joint Statement on Powdered Alcohol
PR Newswire; April 13, 2015

NIDA Sees Promise in Heroin Vaccine
By Julie Miller, Addiction Professional; April 13, 2015

Is ‘Nurse Jackie’ a Good Portrait fo Addiction in the Medical Profession?
By Lenny Bernstein, The Washington Post; April 13, 2015

3-Star General Aims to Prevent Alcohol Abuse with Conversations
By Hope Hodge Seck, Marine Corps Times; April 10, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About the New Street Drug ‘Flakka’ – Its Insane Side Effects Aren’t Even the Worst Part
By Jessica Orwig and Erin Brodwin, Business Insider; April 7, 2015

Punished for Addiction: Women Prisoners Dying From Lack of Treatment
By Zoe Greenberg and Sharona Coutts, RH Reality Check; April 1, 2015

Adult ADHD Drug Abuse on the Rise
By Jessica Firger, CBS News; April 1, 2015

Doctors Weigh In on Random Drug Testing in Schools
By Amy Norton CBS HealthDay; March 30, 2015

AA and Science
By David Whitesock, Addiction Informatics Officer, We Fac It Together; March 30, 2015

How Family’s Drug Turmoil Inspired Mom
By Sarah Lagan, The Royal Gazette; March 25, 2015

Heroin-Related Deaths Have Quadrupled in America
By Alexandra Sifferlin; March 24, 2015

Heroin: Riding the Rush
2014 was the year heroin became an epidemic. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called the rise in national heroin overdoses an “urgent public health crisis.” In Pennsylvania, emergency rooms, courtrooms and jails were filled with heroin addicts. Hundreds of community members showed up at town hall meetings and parents who lost children to overdoses started support groups. Pennsylvania joined dozens of states in approving the use of an antidote — naloxone — for overdoses. We’re sharing this wide-ranging reporting from our media partners with our readers here. This is what’s happening in your state, your city, your community.
Public Source: Your source for in-depth news about Pennsylvania; March 24, 2015

How Worried Should We Be About Benzo Addiction?
Coalition Against Drug Abuse; March 23, 2015

ADHD Drug Abuse Widespread Among College Students
Inquisitr – Health; March 22, 2015

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous
By Gabrielle Glaser, The Atlantic; March 17, 2015

Drugs Take Center Stage: Hatboro-Horsham High School Students to Perform ADDICT
By Jack Firneno, Midweek Wire; March 13, 2015

Pathways to Honour Bank of Bermuda Foundation
Today in Bermuda; March 13, 2015

Harder-to-Abuse OxyContin Doesn’t Stop Addicts
By Jessica Firger, CBS News; March 12, 2015

What You Need to Know About Powdered Alcohol
By Lori Grisham, USA Today; March 12, 2015

Congressman Dent Hosts Forum on Growing Drug Abuse Problem in the Region
Berks Regional News; March 11, 2015

Why Heroin Overdoses Are Rising and How We Can Prevent Them
By Amos Irwin, Huffington Post; March 10, 2015

How the American Opiate Epidemic Was Started by One Pharmaceutical Company
By Mike Mariani, Pacific Standard; March 4, 2015

Words of Blame, Words of Shame
By Kathy Ketcham, Faces & Voices of Recovery; March 4, 2015

Heroin Deaths Take Aim at New Type of Victims
CBS/AP; March 4, 2015

Director Botticelli Sits Down for “Face to Face with SAM”
By Kevin Sabet, SAM in the News; March 4, 2015

Is Marijuana Safe? It’s More Complicated Than You Think
By Laura Geggel, Live Science; February 26, 2015

Montco D.A. Announces Arrests of 32 in Drug Trafficking Rings
By Daniela Altimari, CTNow; February 22, 2015

Advocates Seek New Laws Promoting Drugs That Deter Abuse
By Daniela Altimari, CTNow; February 22, 2015

Recovery Residences Have Found Their Home
By Gary A. Enos, Addiction Professional; February 15, 2015

Rising Tide of Addiction
Journal Review Online; February 12, 2015

Drug Courts Choose Medical Science Over Profits and Ideology
By West Huddleston and Douglas B. Marlowe; February 6, 2015

On Kensington Avenue, Parents Try to Pull Their Children From the Drug World
By Barbara Laker, Philadelphia Daily News; February 6, 2015

Parents of An Addicted Son Share Their Story
By Helen Ubiñas, Philadelphia Daily News; February 5, 2015

Why West Philly Photographer Jillian Bauer is Collecting Personal Stories of Addiction and Recovery
By Mikala Jamison, Philadelphia City Paper; February 5, 2015

Marijuana Decriminalization Yields Little Change to U. Penn Drug Policy Enforcement
By Anna Hess, The Daily Pennsylvanian; February 4, 2015

ADHD Linked to Earlier Use of Illicit Drugs in Teens: Study
By Robert Preidt, US News & World Report; January 28, 2015

Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone and Should Protect Their Brains
NPR Fresh Air Radio Show; January 28, 2015

Poor Sleep in Teens May Lead to Alcohol and Drug Addiction
By Judy Lawrence, Daily Science Journal; January 21, 2015

10 Best Movies About Addiction
By Barbara VanDenburgh, AZCentral; January 21, 2015

7 Things I learned After Drugs Killed My Brother
By Allison Brown,; January 21, 2015

Montco Addiction Forum to Feature Panel Discussion
Philadelphia Inquirer; January 21, 2015

The Epidemic of Prescription Drug Abuse
By Sara Adaes, Ph.D., Brain Blogger; January 21, 2015

Healthy PA is Letting People Who Need Addiction Services Slip Through the Cracks
By George P. Hartwick III, Penn Patriot News; January 16, 2015

Abington Doctor Admits Writing Prescriptions to Fuel His Addiction
By Margaret Gibbons, The Intelligencer; January 16, 2015

Todd Frazier, Frankie Edgar, Others Warn Athletes About Drug Use
By Brett Bodner, Asbury Park Press; January 15, 2015

U.S. Painkiller Abuse ‘Epidemic’ May Be Declining. But Some People Have Switched to Heroin
By Amy Norton, HealthDay; January 14, 2015

States Gear Up to Help Medicaid Enrollees Beat Addictions
By Christine Vestal, Pew’s Stateline; January 13, 2015

An Addict’s Wish List; January 12, 2015

Up in Smoke or Bottoms Up: How Policy Could Affect Substance Abuse
MedicalXpress; January 12, 2015

Why You’ve Never Heard of the Vaccine for Heroin Addiction
By Alexandra Sifferlin, Time; January 9, 2015

Alcohol Warnings From Parents Matter
By Bert Gambini, UB Reporter; January 8, 2015

A Dangerous Trend: The Move Away from Abstinence Based Addiction Treatment
By Richard Taite, Science 2.0; January 7, 2015

Teens with Strong Religious Worldviews are More Likely to Avoid Drugs and Alcohol
By Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News; January 3, 2015

A Hundred Years’ Failure. How did a law to regulate heroin traffic turn into the costly, futile War on Drugs?
By Eric Schneider, Politico Magazine; January 2, 2015

Fake Bar Part of Research Into Anti-Drinking Drug
By Lauran Neergard, Associated Press; January 2, 2015

Guide to Life: How to keep your kids off drugs.
By Allison Ward, The Columbus Dispatch; January 2, 2015

Teens Smoked Less, Drank Less Alcohol and Abused Opioids Less in 2014
Science 2.0; December 31, 2014

More Adults are Using Weed in the States that Legalized, but Teen Use is Flat
By Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post; December 30, 2014

FDA Hands Tied in Powdered Caffeine Abuse Cases
By Kimberly Leonard, U.S. News & World Report; December 29, 2014

iRecover App to Offer Social Network, Resources for Drug and Alcohol Addicts
By Sara Castellanos, Boston Business Journal; December 24, 2014

More Adults are Using Weed in the States that Legalized, but Teen Use is Flat
By Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post; December 30, 2014

Teens Blowing Off Real Cigarettes for Their Electronic Competition
By Emily Scheie,; December 23, 2014

Beyond Nacan: Why Heroin Addicts Need More than an Overdose
By Jon Schuppe, NBC News; December 23, 2014

Painkiller Abuse, a Cyclical Challenge
By Austin Frakt, New York Times; December 22, 2014

Study Looks at Marijuana’s Impact on Brain
By Darla Carter, The Courier-Journal; December 20, 2014

Smoking, Drinking Falls Off Among Teens, But Not Drug Use
Reuters; December 18, 2014

Survey: Teen Marijuana Use Declines Even as States Legalize
By Donna Leinwand Leger, USA Today; December 16, 2014

A Prescription to End Drinking
By Melinda Beck, Wall Street Journal; December 16, 2014

Reese Witherspoon’s “Wild” Journey is the Real Recovery Field Guide
By Stanton Peele,; December 15, 2014

This Michigan Bar Doesn’t Serve Alcohol and Its First Night Was Packed
By Ahmed Ali Akbar, BuzzFeed News; December 10, 2014

American Adults Need to Address Drinking Habits and Their Subsequent Consequences
PR Newswire; December 8, 2014

TCNJ to Use $245K Grant for Drug, Alcohol Recovery Housing for Students; Rutgers to Expand Programs
By Brendan McGrath, Times of Trenton; December 4, 2014

A Struggle for the Soul of Addiction Treatment
By Scott Kellogg, Pacific Standard; December 2, 2014

Pennsylvania Law Arms First Responders with Medication to Reverse Heroin Overdoses
WFMZ-TV; December 1, 2014

AlcoholEdu: Let’s Change the Way We View Drinking in College
By Bridget Buckman, The Pitt News; November 30, 2014

Teens Prescribed Anxiety, Sleep Medications May be at Risk for Drug Abuse
University Herald; November 28, 2014

Rehab May be Best Option for Young Adult Opiate Addicts
By Madeline Kennedy, Reuters; November 28, 2014

Teens with Past Brain Injuries More Likely to Use Drugs
By Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press; November 28, 2014

Scientists Develop Drug to Reduce Side-Effects of ‘Binge Drinking’
Medical Express; November 27, 2014

Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing?
By Maria Konnikova, The New Yorker; November 26, 2014

Start Conversations Early About Drugs, Alcohol in College
By Briana Boyington, US News & World Report; November 26, 2014

Getting Penn to Play Safer
New student group to tackle painkiller abuse, binge drinking and addiction.
By Grace Kirkpatrick, The Daily Pennsylvanian; November 24, 2014

Vice Wars: Tobacco, Alcohol and the Rise of Big Marijuana
By Tony Dokoupil, NBC News; November 22, 2014

FDA Approves Abuse-Deterrent Form of Controversial Painkiller
By Brady Dennis, The Washington Post; November 20, 2014

College Students: Don’t Turn Thanksgiving Break into a Tragedy
Loyola Medicine; November 18, 2014

Russell Brand’s ‘Note to Self’
CBS News; November 12, 2014

Legalize Pot? You Must Be High
By Marty Nemko, Ph.D., Time; November 7, 2014

Getting Into Focus: Nexus Explores “Study Drug” Use Among Students
By Christopher Chen and Carissa Quiambao, Daily Nexus; November 6, 2014

High Rate of Insomnia During Early Recovery from Addiction
Science Daily; November 5, 2014

How to Talk with Your Teen About Marijuana
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids; November 4, 2014

This is Your Brain on Drugs
By Abigail Sullivan Moore, NY Times; October 29, 2014

Op-Ed: Anger a Necessity for Addiction Recovery Community
By Greg Williams, Juvenile Justice; October 27, 2014

Participation in High-Contact Sports Increases Teens’ Risk of Substance Use: Study
By Partnership for Drug-Free Kids; October 23, 2014

Pennsylvania Courts Struggle to Intervene Early with Heroin Addicts
By Brian Bowling, TribLive; October 11, 2014

Alcohol Often Involved in ER Visits for Prescription Abuse
By Morgan Jones, Daily RX; October 10, 2014

Bath Salts: Spike in Synthetic Drug Cases Seen in Lebanon County
By Steve Snyder, Lebanon Daily News; October 10, 2014

Dying for Pain Relief in the Opioid Epidemic
By Parvati Shallow, CBS News; October 10, 2014

Pregnant Teens’ Drug Use Declines with In-Home Interventions; Depression Rates Fall
By Julia Caba, US/World-Medical Daily; October 10, 2014

Christie Convenes Drug Addiction Taskforce
By Jill Colvin, Associated Press; October 9, 2014

Moderation, A Radical Option in Treating Addiction
By Parvati Shallow, CBS News; October 9, 2014

Mental Illness, Homelessness, Drug Addiction: Do These Sound Like Crimes?
By Mychal Denzel Smith, The Nation; October 9, 2014

Drug Czar: Teen Pot Use Could Fuel Opioid Abuse
By David Sharp, Associated Press; October 8, 2014

Marijuana and Your Health: What 20 Years of Research Reveals
By Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, Fox News; October 7, 2014

How to tell if your child could become a drug addict: Scientists say impulsive teens with poor memory are more likely to become substance abusers
By Mark Prigg, MailOnline; October 6, 2014

What a Pain! FDA Fires Back at Critics of its Zohydro Policy
By Ed Silverman, Wall Street Journal; October 6, 2014

Addicts Will Get the Help they Need When America Stops Stigmatizing Drug Abuse; It’s a Mental Illness, Not a ‘Moral Failing’
By Stephanie Castillo, Medical Daily; October 4, 2014

Expanding Addiction Treatment Presents Real, Rare Opportunity for Bipartisanship
By Charles Ingoglia, The Hill; October 4, 2014

The Online Illicit Drug Economy is Booming. Here’s What People are Buying.
By Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post; October 3, 2014

More Older Adults Are Struggling With Substance Abuse
By Abby Ellin, New York Times; October 3, 2014

Inside Utah’s Struggle with Drug Abuse
By Lisa Ling, CNN; October 3, 2014

Pennsylvania Uses Variety of Approaches to Combat Drug Abuse
By Janice Crompton, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; October 2, 2014

CDC: Heroin Deaths Doubled in Much of the Country
By Mike Stobbe, Associated Press Medical Writer; October 2, 2014

Drug Abuse Numbers are Down Among American Adolescents
By Kimberly M. Aquilina, Headlines & Global News; October 2, 2014

Let’s Tackle Prescription Drug Abuse in Medicare
By Mark Merritt, The Hill; October 1, 2014

#14 Days on the Wagon
By Parvati Shallow, CBS News; October 1, 2014

PA Painkiller-Heroin Crisis: Corbett Signs Bill Intended to Save Lives
By David Wenner, PennLive; September 30, 2014

Doctor’s Group Issues Painkiller Guidelines
By Robert Preidt, Health Day, September 29, 2014

UMass Police Helped Keep Student’s Addiction Secret
By Eric Bosco & Kayla Marchetti, Boston Globe; September 28, 2014

Robert Downey, Jr. – The Ride of His Life
By Rich Cohen, Vanity Fair; September 22, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Philly Restaurants, Addiction is on the Menu; September 18, 2014

Recovery at The White House: Celebrating 25 Years
The White House Youtube Channel; September 17, 2014

The Conversation Continues: Hatboro-Horsham Abuse Prevention Program Expands
By Matt Schickling, The Midweek Wire; September 17, 2014

New Stats on Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use By Teens
By Mary Elizabeth Dallas, CBS News HealthDay; September 16, 2014

Scientists Develop New Method to Get Clearer Picture of How Drug Abuse Affects the Brain
Stony Brook University School of Medicine; September 16, 2014

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Overdose Law Expanding Naloxone Access in California Pharmacies; September 16, 2014

Why Recognizing Addiction Recovery Month Matters
By Richard Taite, Huff Post “Stronger Together;” September 15, 2014

Montgomery County Commissioners Annouce Overdose Task Force
By Oscar Gamble, The Times Herald; September 12, 2014

Teens Who Smoke Cannabis Daily “Seven Times More Likely to Commit Suicide”
By Ludovica Iaccino; September 11, 2014

42 Indicted in Massive Camden Drug Bust
By Alex Wigglesworth,; September 12, 2014

Comentary: Grandparents Are Powerful in Preventing Teen Drug Use
By Dr. Susan Bartell, Partnership for Drugfree Kids; September 10, 2014

National Drug Facts Week 2015 to Begin January 26
RELEASE: National Institutes of Health; September 9, 2014

H-H Substance Abuse Prevention Program Applies for Nonprofit Status, Seeks Expansion

By Kara Seymour, Hatboro-Horsham Patch; September 9, 2014

Former World Leaders Call for Nations to Decriminalize Drug Use and Experiment with Legalization
By Niraj Chokshi and Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post; September 8, 2014

Vital Signs: Fighting Addiction Requires Dedicated Approach on a Variety of Fronts
By Keith Alan Sprouse, Daily Progress; September 7, 2014

National Recovery Month: Those With Substance Abuse Problems Rarely Seek Help
By Amanda Stewart, Design & Trend: September 7, 2014

Shawn Windsor: Popular Campus Combo Killed Former Michigan Football Manager Josh Levine
By Shawn Windsor, Detroit Free Press; September 5, 2014

Ten Percent of Americans Admit Illegal Drug Use
CBS News HealthDay; September 4, 2014

During September, Let’s Reflect on Hope, Recovery
By Brenda J. Iliff,; September 1, 2014

Bucks County Panel Targets Heroin Use, Drug Abuse
By Marion Callahan, Bucks County Courier Times; August 30, 2014

Being an Addict’s Mom:  “It’s Just a Very, Very Sad Place”
By Kelly Wallace, CNN; August 28, 2014

Parental Approval Key Toward Predicting Childhood Alcohol Sipping, Pitt Study Finds
By David Templeton, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; August 27, 2014

Brief Interventions Inadequate for Problem Drug Use
By Jolynn Tumolo, Psych Congress Network; August 20, 2014

Robin Williams: Depression, Addiction, Open-Heart Surgery, Parkinsons…
By Scott Bienenfield, M.D., Addiction Treatment NYC; April 15, 2014

David R. Gastfriend named CEO of the Treatment Research Institute
Press Release, Treatment Research Institute (TRI); August 14, 2014

Philly Chef Comes Clean About His Addictions
By Craig LaBan, Inquirer Restaurant Critic; August 13, 2014

11 Things You Learn from Being a Heroin Addict
By Andrew Alexander, Thought Catalog; July 30, 2014

New Screening Tool Makes it Easier to Access Risk of Substance Use Disorders in Teens
By Anthony Rivas,; July 28, 2014

Babysitting an Addict
By Deborah Weitzmann, Huffington Post; July 25, 2014

Robert Downey Jr. is Determined to Help His Son Get Through His Drug Addiction; July 11, 2014

Pennsylvania Releases Guidelines for Physicians on Use of Prescription Opioids
Digital Journal; July 10, 2014

Temple Forum Focuses on Prescription Drug Abuse on Campuses
By David Sell, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer; June 12, 2014

Massachusetts Governor Airs $20 Million Plan to Combat Opioid Use
By Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Globe; June 10, 2014

Sleep Problems Have the Same Effects on Students’ Grades as Drug Abuse, New Study Finds
By Rebecca Jacobson, PBS NewsHour; June 2, 2014

Parents – Talk With Your Grads About Celebrating Safely
NIH: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; May 2014

Guidelines Issued for Drug Testing in Teens
Tara Haelle, Daily RX; May 25, 2014

This is What Recovery Looks Like

Danica Davidson, MTV; May 23, 2014

Suit: Local Pharma Painkillers Helped Trigger Heroin Resurgence

Sam Wood,; May 23, 2014

Many Ivy League Kids Don’t Think Taking ADHD Drugs is Cheating

Alexandra Sifferlin, Time; May 1, 2014

New Face of Recovery:  White House Drug Czar

Andrea McCarren, WUSA9; April 30, 2014

Be a Part of the Conversation’s Heather Gregan was Interviewed on WHYY About the Recent Marijuana Drug Ring. Her Insights are Worth Listening To!
Marty Moss-Coane, WHYY Radio Times; April 24, 2014

Main Line Drug Ring Charges
By Carolyn Davis and Mari A. Schaefer, Philadelphia Inquirer; April 23, 2014

Signs Your Spouse is Abusing Prescription Drugs
Inquisitr; April 20, 2014

Harvard Scientists Studied the Brains of Pot Smokers and the Results Don’t Look Good
By Eileen Shim, News.Mic; April 16, 2014

Archbishop Wood Students Hear How Heroin Claimed One of Their Own
By Brian Schoener, Archbishop Wood High School, April 18, 2014; The Intelligencer

Heroin:  Easier for Your Teen to Score than Beer

By Sherri Kuhn, April 15, 2014; She Knows Parenting

Hospital Patients to Get Enhanced Attention to Substance Issues in TRI Effort

By Gary A. Enos, April 9, 2014; Addiction Professional

How to Fix Rehab:  Expert Who Lost Son to Addiction Has a Plan

An interview with Tom McLellan, Ph.D., a recent guest of Be a Part of the Conversation
By Tony Dokoupil, April 7, 2014; NBC News

States Try to Block New Powerful Painkiller Zohydro

Associated Press, April 4, 2014; CBS News

F.D.A. Approves Portable Drug Overdose Treatment

By Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times; April 3, 2014

Parents Influence Teens’ Drinking Decisions:  Survey

By Join Together Staff, The Partnership at; April 2, 2014

Zohydro Maker Assembles Oversight Board Designed to Spot Misuse of Drug

By Join Together Staff; March 27, 2014


Hatboro-Horsham Talks Prescription Drug Abuse
By Jack Firneno, The Midweek Wire; March 26, 2014

The Hidden Ten Percent  |  Our children’s drug problem and what parents can do to solve it.

By David Sheff, Addiction Nation

Five Things Every Young Person Should Know About Drugs and Alcohol

By Theodore Caputi, Huffington Post; March 18, 2014

Researchers Find Significant Increase in Painkillers Prescribed to US Adults in the ER
George Washington University; March 14, 2014


Prescription Drug Abuse “Prep School for Heroin”
By Gary Weckselblatt, The Intelligencer; March 18, 2014

Prescriptions for Opioids Stabilizing After Fivefold Increase in 10-Year Span

Posted in Public Health, Columbia University Medical Center, March 14, 2014

Heroin Overdoses Send At Least Seven to Camden Hospital

By Angelo Fichera, Philadelphia Inquirer; March 11, 2014

Are E-cigarettes a “Gateway” to Nicotine Addiction? 

NHS Choices; March 10, 2014

NIDA’s Director Tells Us What We Know – and Need to Know – About Marijuana

In an exclusive interview with National Geographic, Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, shares her concerns about the consequences of legalizing the drug.
By Bruce Barcott, National Geographic; March 4, 2014

Marijuana May Hurt the Developing Teen Brain

By Patti Neighmond, NPR; March 3, 2014

Will Legalization Lead to More Teens Smoking Pot?

By Michelle Castillo, CBS News; February 26, 2014

How a Big Drug Company Inadvertently Got Americans Hooked on Heroin
By Jillian Berman, Huffington Post; February 24, 2014

Powerful Painkiller Zohydro criticized by Pennsylvania Attorney General
By Richard Gazarik, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; February 23, 2014

Epidemic Gripping State  |  Officials Must Act to Counter Drug Abuse
The (Johnstown) Tribune-Democrat; February 20, 2014

Journalist, David Sheff, Shares His Anguished Journey Through Son’s Addiction — and What He’s Learned From It

By Susan Gonzalez, Yale News; February 17, 2014

“Killer Heroin” Causing Fatal Overdoses

Associated Press/CBS Philly; February 16, 2014

House Bill Aims to Curb Teen Abuse of Cough Medicine

By Julia Talsma, Modern Medicine; February 14, 2014

Could Energy Drinks Be Tied to Other Risky Behaviors?

By Hope Gillette, Voxxi; February 11, 2014

100 Americans Die of Drug Overdoses Each Day. How Do We Stop That?

By Harold Pollack, Washington Post Wonkblog; February 7, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead of Apparent Drug Overdose

By Shimon Prokupecz, Steve Almasy and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN; February 2, 2014

Federal Legislation to Combat Teen Cough Medicine Abuse Gains House Support

By Business Wire; January 29, 2014

Why it’s Still a Big Deal if Your Teen Smokes Pot

By Randye Hoder,; January 28, 2014

Wave of Heroin Overdose Deaths in Pennsylvania

Associated Press/NBC 10; January 27, 2014

Is the Teen Brain More Vulnerable to Addiction?

By Michael Dahr, The Fix; January 22, 2014

Vermont Governor Devoted Entire State of the State Speech to a “Full-Blown Heroin Crisis”

By Katharine Q. Seelye, New York Times; January 8, 2014

Adderall Abuse Increases Among High School Students
By Josie Feliz, The Partnership at; December 18, 2013

Is Heroin Addiction As Close As Your Medicine Cabinet?
By Dann Cuellar, 6ABC News; December 19, 2013

Increasing Marijuana Use in High School is Reported
By Anahad O’Connor, New York Times; December 18, 2013

At the White House, Learning How Not to Talk About Addiction
By Carey Goldberg, WBUR’s Common Health; December 13, 2013

Drug Overdose Immunity Bill Passes PA Senate
By Vince Lattanzio, NBC 10 Philadelphia; December 11, 2013

Heroin Epidemic at the Jersey Shore
Asbury Park Press Series: October 10 through December 9, 2013

Commentary:  Hookah Use is on the Rise and Surrounded by Myths and Misperceptions
By Thomas Eissenberg, PhD, The Partnership at Drugfree; November 22, 2013

PA House Committee Holds Hearing on “Heroin Epidemic”
By Trang Do, Fox 29 News; November 21, 2013

Teen Athletes Might Be Using Opioids More Than Others
Daily Rx; November 22, 2013

The Overprescribing of Opioids a Major Cause for Concern
By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor, CBS Philly; November 21, 2013

We Suffer Too:  A Sibling’s Perspective
By Anna R., Caron Treatment Centers;  November 14, 2013

Ending Discrimination and Opening the Doors to Treatment: Drug Policy Reform
Office of National Drug Control Policy; November 8, 2013

How Heroin Abuse Has Become Epidemic
Prescription painkillers are to blame, experts say. As cravings build, heroin is cheaper, more powerful.
By Don Sapatkin, Philadelphia Inquirer; November 7, 2013

Can Family Conflict Drive Teens Girls to Drink?
By Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D., Huffington Post; November 5, 2013

10% of Teens Treated in the ER Admit to Misusing Prescription Drugs
By Join Together Staff, The Partnership at; October 31, 2013

Feds Shut Down Major Oxycodone Ring
By Jeremy Roebuck, Philadelphia Inquirer; October 31, 2013

FDA Recommends Tighter Regulations on Opioid Painkillers
By Rebecca Farley, National Council for Behavioral Health; October 30, 2013

Lawmakers Attempt to Keep Up with Synthetic Drugs
By Emily Ethridge, Roll Call; October 28, 2013

Studies: Epidemic of Prescription Painkiller ODs
By Don Sapatkin, Philadelphia Inquirer; October 10, 2013

“Unreal” Overdose Spike Has Officials Ready to Fight Opioid Drugs
By Vince Lattanzio, NBC10 Philadelphia; Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Over-the-Counter Medicine Abuse
CNN Health

Feds Seize “Silk Road” Drug Site, Arrest Operator
By Donna Leinwand Leger, USA Today; October 3, 2013

Hatboro-Horsham to Host Heroin “Conversation”
By Theresa Katalinas, Hatboro-Horsham Patch; September 26, 3013

Talking with Your Teen about Drugs & Alcohol
By Kate Green, World of Psychology; September 23, 2013

Thousands March to Penn’s Landing in Fight Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction
By Mike Dougherty, CBS Philly 3; September 21, 2013

Facebook Chat with Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse:  “Meet the Parents Hour” is an hour-long live Facebook chat on Monday, September 16 at 12:00 pm
The Partnership at; September 12, 2013

How Obamacare Could Revolutionize Addiction Treatment
By Sy Mukherjee, Join Together; September 12, 2013

Teen Heroin Use:  An Unfortunate Reality
By Rima Himelstein, M.D., Crozer-Keystone Health System; September 10, 2013

FDA Announces safety labeling changes and postmarked study requirements for extended-release and long-acting opinoid analgesics.
FDA News Release; September 10, 2013

What to Know About Molly, the New “It” Drug
By Meredith Engel, Metro/Philadelphia; September 9, 2013