Helpful Videos & Audio Recordings

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Below are some very informative videos and audio recordings that provide valuable information about substance use, abuse and addiction, as well as illuminating insights that help us to become more informed parents, educators, and health care consumers.



Ken Ginsburg, MD, MS Ed on Resilience

Following up after Dr. Ginsburg's November 2nd visit to Hatboro-Horsham On Monday, November 2, 2015, Dr. Ginsburg addressed an audience of families and community members who learned a great deal about raising children to become resilient, and paving the way for a lifetime of healthy coping skills. The following day, Dr. [...]


Frances Jensen, MD talks with Terry Gross about “The Teenage Brain”

Frances Jensen, MD is Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and is the author of The Teenage Brain, A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults.   "Teenagers are not as readily able to access their frontal lobe [...]


Behind the “Main Line Take Over Project”; Treating Adolescent Cannabis Dependence

Heather Gregan, LPC, CADC, adolescent and young adult counselor. Guests: Jonathan Dueker & Heather Gregan Two former students of the elite Haverford School are accused of leading a teenage drug trafficking organization that involved at least five other local Main Line high schools and three Pennsylvania colleges. Eleven people have been arrested in [...]


Bucks County’s Heroin Crackdown Initiative; Rethinking Heroin Treatment

A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D, CEO and co-founder of the Treatment Research Institute. Guests: Dr. Thomas McLellan & Bucks County DA David Heckler With more heroin overdoses in the news and the Affordable Care Act underway we’ll look at rethinking rehab models and how insurance companies are covering substance abuse treatment with A. Thomas [...]


Ken Thompson, MD, FASAM: “The Disease of Addiction”

Dr. Ken Thompson has worked in the field of addiction medicine for over 23 years. Dr. Thompson is currently the Medical Director of Caron Treatment Centers. Dr. Thompson has been involved in the care and follow-up of professionals including physicians and attorneys for much of his career. On October 11, 2011, Dr. [...]