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Hatboro & Horsham, Pennsylvania

Be a Part of the Conversation was created in the spring of 2011 in the Hatboro-Horsham School District with the support of community members and area professionals. In an effort to raise awareness about the effects of alcohol and other drug use, school and community leaders came together to form a new initiative. Families, educators, students, treatment professionals, clergy, and members of law enforcement and the business community would all have a voice, with the shared goal of raising awareness and understanding about substance use, abuse and addiction. Today, Be a Part of the Conversation is a respected and vital component of the Hatboro and Horsham communities, as well as building relationships with many other communities in southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Meet Dawn Tucker, Hatboro-Horsham’s Conversation Liaison

Meet Dawn

Dawn Tucker is the Conversation Liaison for Hatboro-Horsham School District and the surrounding communities. She also serves as the K-12 Student Assistant Program (SAP) Coordinator for the Hatboro-Horsham School District. She earned a Master’s degree in School Counseling: K-12 from Gwynedd Mercy College and an undergraduate degree from Temple University. Currently, she is establishing a district initiative aimed at fostering overall health and wellness of elementary and secondary students. Her current projects include mental health awareness initiatives, drug and alcohol awareness through school district/community programs, involvement in curriculum and staff training, student work, professional development, social media awareness and curriculum implementation.

“I first heard of the Conversation when I was working with SAP teams in Bucks County, PA. The program already had a lot of recognition, and when offered the opportunity to become involved, I was ecstatic. I’ve worked with a number of parents and students in various stages of drug experimentation, use, and abuse; I have found it so valuable when families can access resources and feel connected with the community.”

Dawn can be reached at 215-420-5583 or send an email to dtucker@hatboro-horsham.org

Weekly “Parent Partnership” Meetings


We meet every Thursday, 7 pm at 212 S. York Road, Hatboro, PA 19040


Join with other parents in a friendly and caring atmosphere to…

• find support if you aren’t sure if your child’s drinking or drug use is typical experimentation, or something you may need to address;

• connect with other parents whose children have either struggled with substance use or addiction, or are currently in recovery;
• become informed, empowered and find resources and outside help when needed; or

• continue the “Conversation” after attending Be a Part of the Conversation events.

Come once, once in a while, or as often as you like.


Drop Off Unused and Out-of-Date Medications


The Horsham Police Department has a special feature in the lobby of the police station – a Drop Box to collect unused and out-of-date medications and prescriptions for proper disposal. The collection box is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and allows residents to drop off their unwanted medications. Many young people abusing medicines get them from their bathroom cabinet, a friend or a family member, often without others being aware. Unwanted medicines left in the home endanger our children, seniors and pets. Young children and seniors are at risk of accidental poisoning. Flushing drugs sends them into our water supplies, and throwing them in the trash pollutes our environment and can find their way into unwanted hands.

Visit the Horsham Township website for more information:


Horsham Township’s “Ask a Cop” Program

Ask questions or obtain information privately through community law enforcement.
215-643-3131  |  LearnMore