Below you will find links to *suggested providers and facilities you may want to consider based on various levels of care.

*The providers and facilities listed are not necessarily endorsed by Be a Part of the Conversation. The lists have been compiled as the result of informal reviews and experiences with trusted partners.

Find a list of In-Patient (residential) treatment programs, as well as a number of transitional living options.

In-Patient Treatment refers to admission to a hospital or facility for treatment that requires at least one overnight stay and typically requires medical management. (also known as residential treatment)**

Find Outpatient Treatment resources with varied specialties. You will find just a few of many available therapists, counselors and assessment providers in our region.

Outpatient Treatment refers to a professionally delivered substance use disorder treatment modality that requires daily to weekly attendance at a clinic or facility, allowing the patient to return home or to other living arrangements during non-treatment hours.**

Find options for Recovery Housing and other transitional living.

Recovery Housing includes alcohol- and drug-free living facilities for individuals recovering from alcohol or other substance use disorders that often serve as interim living environments between detoxification experiences or residential treatment and mainstream living.

** Thank you to the Recovery Research Institute’s “Addictionary®” for these definitions.