December 3, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Main Line Unitarian Church
816 South Valley Forge Road
PA 19333
Judy Hirsh
‭(717) 648-9800‬

We have seen an explosion of the understanding not only of addiction (Substance Use Disorder), but how brains enable human capacities such as valuation, decision-making and social cognition.

Addiction shows us how we process pleasurable experiences, what happens when this process goes wrong, and why this can have a dramatic impact in our ability to make proper choices.

Dr. McCauley will explore innovative treatment methods that can help to predict, analyze, and prevent common problems that arise in early recovery.

We will learn how people in treatment for their addictive disorders can use these methods to overcome the decisionmaking deficits that accompany early sobriety in order to maximize their chances of long-term remission.

Dr. McCauley uses his own experience as a former flight surgeon, as a former probationer under the threat of re-incarceration, and as a person who struggled through early sobriety to achieve his own long-term recovery to advocate for a Culture of Safety in addiction treatment aftercare that makes a Culture of Recovery possible.