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Many young people are searching for their identity, feeling pressured by a label, or just trying to belong. How does this journey put some young people at risk for substance use or other behavioral disorders?

How can family members best support youth by nurturing their identity?

To answers questions like these, a panel of behavioral health professionals, people with lived experience, and Phoenixville staff will explore risks and warning signs, and provide families and educators with the tools needed to empower young people with a healthy sense of self.

Babysitting will be available at no charge. Spanish and Portuguese interpreters will be available at the event.

Our Guest Presenter:

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, DSW, LCSW
Co-founder & Chief Clinical OfficerCo-founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Charlie Health

Caroline’s passion lies in helping heal adolescents through the use of experiential therapy, group therapy, and animal-assisted therapy. Caroline has worked with adolescents and young adults at all levels of care, including outpatient and residential, at numerous national programs. Caroline’s strong systemic, evidence based social work background, propels her to support prevention programs throughout the region.

This program is presented in partnership with Phoenixville Area School District.

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