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Contact Information

Diane Rosati
Executive Director, Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

Mallory Perrotti, MS
Prevention Supervisor, Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

Donna Foisy
Prevention Specialist, Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

Medication Collection Program
Overdose Prevention & Response
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Following up on the March 16, 2021 program,

“Healing Families During Times of Challenge”

“Healing Families During Times of Challenge”

Bucks County families & community members:

This is a particularly challenging time for our loved ones who are struggling with addiction to opioids and/or stimulants.

We talked with treatment professionals and Bucks County officials about the impact of opioid and/or stimulant use disorders on parents and other loved ones. Together we addressed the intersection of addiction and the COVID-19 pandemic, while providing support for families.

Meet Our Panelists

Ana Rosado, LSW, CAADC

Clinical Director
Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

Learn more about Ana

Christopher White, LPC, AOC

Clinical Supervisor
Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

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Micki Kaisinger, CRS, CFRS

BCARES Family Connect
Emilie House

Learn more about Micki

We also heard from family members impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder.

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View Kim Porter’s PowerPoint slides.

View Chris White’s PowerPoint slides.

Save the Date! Tuesday, September 21, 2021

from 7 to 8:30 pm

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“The Rising Tide of Stimulants”

Our panel of presenters will discuss the current trends surrounding stimulant/psychostimulant use. We’ll address related risk factors and warning signs, focusing on populations that are particularly at risk. We will also explore the trajectory of initiation via prescribed stimulants (such as Adderall, Dexedrine, Concerta) and their misuse, as well as the use of illicit stimulants, including cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth and some club drugs.

Presenter Information Coming Soon!