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You are invited to our 3rd Annual Fundraising Event!
Sunday, April 14 at 11:30 am
at the home of Mary & Joseph Fenkel in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania!

As we prepare to celebrate eight years of innovative programs, demand for Be a Part of the Conversation’s services is greater than ever. We have experienced an overwhelming number of requests to bring awareness and understanding to communities throughout our region.

All this growth is possible because of the support we receive from friends like you!

This year’s Spring Brunch will provide a perfect opportunity to share our work with friends and colleagues, honor some amazing individuals, and spend a wonderful day with people who believe in reducing stigma, increasing awareness, and building a culture of support.

I hope you will join us!

Kim Porter, CFRS
Executive Director, Be a Part of the Conversation

We can't wait to see you!

Conversation Inspiration Award

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro serves as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General. He is the sixth person elected to the office, and was sworn in on January 17, 2017 as the Commonwealth’s top lawyer and chief law enforcement officer with a mandate to ensure integrity and be the people’s Attorney General.

Some of his top priorities include directing an aggressive fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic, including treatment for those suffering from addiction. His other priorities include protecting seniors, veterans, small businesses and consumers from scams and fraud, and implementing a comprehensive integrity agenda to ensure people from across the Commonwealth are heard and have faith in the justice system. Josh’s work has earned him a national reputation as a rising progressive leader and bipartisan consensus builder.

The Conversation Inspiration Award honors an individual who has been an inspirational leader in efforts to improve the lives of those impacted by substance use, misuse or addiction.

Conversation Youth Inspiration Award

Kristen Harootunian

Kristen Harootunian provides support to young adults and teens by sharing her personal and professional experiences though recovery. She is a young adult speaker for Minding Your Mind and offers to share her story to schools and community organizations to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

As a result, she has found a passion for leading others in the direction of recovery support. She assures others that although addiction and mental health issues do not discriminate, help is right around the corner if we are willing to ask for it.

The Conversation Youth Inspiration Award honors a young person who has inspired their peers and others through efforts to improve the lives of those impacted by substance use, misuse or addiction.

Honorary Event Chairperson

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, LCSW

Caroline Fenkel is the Executive Director of the Center for Families in Malvern, Pennsylvania. The Center for Families is a safe place for teens and families to find community support, education, and sustainable healing for mental health and substance abuse struggles.

Caroline’s passion lies in helping heal adolescents through the use of experiential therapy, group therapy, and animal-assisted therapy. Her career began with her love for horses: She majored in equine studies and minored in psychology at Delaware Valley University, then completed her master’s degree in social work at Bryn Mawr College. From there, she combined these two focuses through practicing equine-assisted therapy and other forms of experiential therapy, including Relational Trauma Repair and adventure therapy. Caroline has worked with adolescents and young adults at all levels of care, including outpatient and residential, at numerous national programs, including Pyramid Healthcare, Adolescent Advocates, Mirmont Treatment Center, Elements Behavioral Health, and Newport Academy. Caroline recently earned her doctorate in clinical social work from the University of Pennsylvania.  Caroline’s passion for helping those with substance use disorders stems from her own experience in long-term recovery. Dr. Fenkel’s strong systemic, evidence based social work background, propels her to support prevention programs throughout the region.

Keynote Speakers

Pam & Bill Roberts

Pam and Bill Roberts, along with their children, are in long term recovery. Since 2006, they have been active in starting and expanding parent support groups throughout our region, interacting with hundreds of parents, therapists, recovery service providers, nonprofit organizations, and government representatives to educate and transform “parental behaviors” – something they consider to be a prerequisite to improving prospects for a healthy, reconnected family.

In 2012, Pam and Bill began preparing a series of parent support group manuals, including personal experiences shared by dozens of parent group members and their therapists, as resources for parents and other family members to gain a better understanding of the disease of addiction, how it impacts the whole family, and how behavioral changes associated with “family recovery” translate to giving everyone a better chance at recovery.  The primary manual “Standing in the Storm” is available for download at no cost through the Be a Part of the Conversation website at conversation.zone/storm.

Master of Ceremonies

Casey Duffy

Casey Duffy is the President and General Managing Partner of Delaware Valley Remediation in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Casey and his wife Christine live in Charlestown Township (Malvern) with son Cotter and daughter Coeli. Christine teaches 4th Grade at Radnor Elementary. The Duffys are members of St. Patrick’s Parish and Chester Valley Country Club.

Casey is a member of Caron Treatment Centers Board of Trustees, having served a total of 10 years on the Board to date. As a person in long term recovery (over 34 years), Casey has served as Chair of the Chester County Commissioners Drug and Alcohol Services Advisory Board and as Chair of the Chester-Montgomery Behavioral Health Advisory Board. He was an active member of The A&E Network Recovery Project. Casey is a member of the Great Valley Community Organization (GVCO), a Basketball Coach, Rec League and Travel, and for five years, Casey was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles to serve as Chairman of the Season Ticket Holder Advisory Board from 2011 to 2015. Casey is also a member of Be a Part of the Conversation’s Board of Directors.

Casey raises funds through his foundation, The Sober Samaritan, to fund treatment services and programs in the area. He also speaks at schools, treatment facilities, and community meetings about his personal experience and strives to be the hand that is there “whenever anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help…”

Meet Our Hosts

Mary & Joseph Fenkel

Thank you to Mary and Joe Fenkel for so graciously hosting our fundraising event for the second consecutive year!

Joe Fenkel graduated from Penn state class of 1959 with a degree in engineering. He then went on to found McLean Packaging, and to this day he serves as their CEO. Joe loves golf, skiing, and spending time at his house in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Joe recently became a member of Be a Part of the Conversation’s Board of Directors.

Mary Fenkel graduated from Rosemont College in 1972 with a degree in political science. She is the mother of seven children, and the grandmother of 12. Mary enjoys spending time with them, as well as her Irish setters, Gladys and Grover. She also serves on the Planning Committee for Be a Part of the Conversation’s annual fundraising event.

Event Planning Committee

Dana Wiley, Chairperson
Cindy Munger & Katherine Mitchell, Venue
Jean McClellan, Sponsorship
Kirby Long, Auction
Jill Adams   •   Meridith Coyle   •   Sue Crathern
Casey Duffy   •   Katchen Fazzini   •   Caroline Fenkel
Mary Fenkel   •   Chris King   •   Trish Larsen
Maribeth McConnell   •   Deborah Robbins Hirsh  •   Kathy Sarlson
Victoria Smith   •   Carol Veneziale  •   Marijayne Wenk

Be a Part of the Conversation Board of Directors

Our Awesome Team!

John Mergenthaler, President
Doug Leavitt, Esq., Vice President
Chris King, Treasurer   •   Dawn Tucker, MS, Secretary
Bill Roberts  •   Kathy Sarlson   •   Jill Adams, SFW
Casey Duffy  •   Dr. Caroline Fenkel, LCSW
Trish Larsen  •   Joe Fenkel

Kim Porter, CFRS, Executive Director
Judy Hirsh, CFRS, Program Coordinator


Meridith Coyle & Aneu

Event Photography

Lisa Schaffer Photography

Valet Parking

Justin Prince & Royal Valet

Address & Directions

The Home of Mary & Joseph Fenkel

1111 Waverly Road, Gladwyne, PA 19035

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We are grateful for any donations that will help us continue to grow the Conversation. You can make a donation online by clicking the button to the right, or you can mail a check made payable to Be a Part of the Conversation and send it to P.O. Box 8, Horsham, PA 19044.

Valet parking will be provided as a courtesy.

The brunch will be held indoors at the Fenkel home, so there is no need for a rain date.