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14Oct 2020

Keeping My Ambitions to Myself / But it’s hard when your own son is homeless.

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At my subway station, homeless people pushed carts, sat on benches, and propped themselves up against columns, seeking shelter and money on a freezing winter evening. I emerged from the train car, a middle-aged woman in sophisticated attire. Farther along the platform, a heap of a young man sat on the ground, his back hunched against the tile wall, head down, holding an artfully lettered sign saying “PLEASE HELP.” It was my 27-year-old son, filthy, wearing a long skirt, his hair curly and wild, with a placid expression of equanimity across his face. Jolted, I knew he didn’t have a [...]

23Oct 2019

Honoring Humility

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As parents, we believe that we have the ability to guide and direct our children, to mold them into independent, honest, hardworking adults.  We set a good example, discipline them when needed and provide access to educational, cultural , spiritual and athletic opportunities.  It’s heavy stuff, this power we wield in directing our children toward a successful adulthood.  We are proud of our effort and sacrifice. So, when the addiction nightmare enters our homes, we naturally believe that we can correct our child’s behavior and get them back on track.  No biggie.  It’s just a blip in an otherwise stellar [...]

3May 2019

“Curiously Enough” Podcast: Stigma Survives in Silence

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Curiously Enough is a podcast produced by Grace Guggenheim. >>Click here to listen to more Curiously Enough podcasts! From Grace: "This is a space to shine a light on the shadows we hide in. This is a conversation to relieve the heaviness of silenced topics. Here’s to getting honest and getting real, feeling inspired and less alone. Thank you for joining me on this road to rediscovering the truth of who we are. "On May 3, 2019, we were thrilled to have Kim Porter on as our guest. Since 2014, Kim Porter has served as the Executive Director of [...]

22Aug 2018

Holding On by Letting Go

By |August 22nd, 2018|Categories: Parents|0 Comments

Holding On by Letting Go When someone you love is addicted, one of the most difficult things to accept is that you might need to let go. It’s part of the concept of detachment, and allowing your loved one to experience the consequences of their using. I fought letting go with every inch of my being. To me, if felt like giving up, and that’s not what moms do. It took me years to understand that my rescuing and enabling was not helping my daughter. It was keeping her sick. In time, I realized that letting go actually allowed me [...]

13Jun 2018

Beware the New Normal

By |June 13th, 2018|Categories: Parents|0 Comments

It’s always hard to step out of your comfort zone – even when there’s nothing remotely comfortable about the zone your life currently occupies. That was one of the most troubling realizations that came to me when a perfect storm of difficulties descended, capped by my child’s addiction. From a family life that was happy by all standards, my world slowly began to crumble as a long series of hardships descended. A loved one’s terminal illness, older parents needing care, financial difficulties as my ability to work was compromised by the demands of caregiving. When addiction entered the mix, my [...]

3Jun 2018

“Tidewrack” . . . & other poems

By |June 3rd, 2018|Categories: Parents|0 Comments

We sit in a circle taking turns. Dorothy with the orange hair clutches her purse like a life raft as she tells us her husband stayed out again all night. Jason announces softly he’s moving out— a trial week away from his wife and having to watch her self-destruction. Three months, anguishes Norma, since she kicked her 16-year-old out of the house and still no word. I let their stories wash over me, sink in like the edge of a retreating tide blotted up by sand. Strange how pain shared can be so comforting how it pools into a kind [...]