Be a Part of the Conversation is a collaboration of community leaders, families, educators, and addiction experts who believe that having meaningful, inclusive conversations about substance use will support individuals and their families in their efforts to develop healthy coping skills and access support whenever there is a need.

Our Mission

Be a Part of the Conversation equips families and communities in Pennsylvania with skills and resources to understand substance use, addiction, and related health issues. We provide community programs, foster supportive connections, highlight lived experiences, and challenge stigma.

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be a part of the conversation equips families and communities with skills and resources to understand substance use, addiction, and related public health concerns. be a part of the conversation provides community, family connection, and awareness of the struggles of substance use disorders and addiction

Our Vision

A community without stigma or misinformation around substance use and addiction.

Our Core Values

Connection – We are committed to providing a network of resources that facilitates and supports recovery for those struggling with substance use, as well as those who love them. We value relationships between individuals with shared experiences and access to those with relevant knowledge.

Integrity – As an organization with a focus on potentially life threatening or life altering challenges, we have a responsibility to maintain a high level of fidelity and transparency when delivering subject matter.

Compassion – We base our work on a genuine desire to help those concerned about or impacted by substance use. We create an environment that instills a sense of belonging, safety, and hope.

Responsiveness – We provide prompt, thoughtful, and innovative service when community needs arise. We are committed to expanding our knowledge and consulting with Subject Matter Experts in order to share the most relevant and fact-based information.

Inclusivity – Our approach is inclusive, diverse and nonjudgmental. We honor multiple pathways to recovery and are accepting of varying perspectives. We meet people where they are in their beliefs and evolving awareness.

Be a Part of the Conversation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. Donate today.

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We recognize that our personal experiences, which led us to this work, cannot possibly represent all populations and the many struggles encountered in seeking support and accessing treatment for substance use disorders. Recent events have exposed the centuries of racial injustice in this country. We know that we have to continue to learn and grow in order to better understand racial injustice in all aspects of our lives. We are certain that things will never improve unless systematic racism ceases to exist. We honor Black lives and we stand with all people of color in mourning the senseless loss of life throughout our country. We pledge to work harder and will continue to develop a better understanding of the hardships and injustices that exist among people of color.

In order to best serve all communities, Be a Part of the Conversation has the following goals:
• to increase representation and support for underrepresented minorities
• to diversify our program presenters, consultants and audience
• to expand our understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized populations
• to incorporate Black experiences into our daily planning and growth
• to continue to learn and expand our knowledge
• to be anti-racist in our mission and among our staff and Board of Directors

We recognize that we have much work to do. We encourage anyone who is interested to reach out if they have questions or would like to join our efforts. Please contact


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