Following Up / Siguiendo

Have You Had the Conversation?

How to talk with your kids about substances.

¿Ha Tenido esa Conversación?

Como hablar con sus hijos acerca del uso de sustancias.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018 we partnered with the Norristown Area School District to talk with parents about having meaningful conversations with young children in an effort to deter substance use.

Thank you to the Montgomery County Office of Drug & Alcohol for supporting our programs!

El miércoles 26 de septiembre de 2018, nos asociamos con el Distrito Escolar del Área de Norristown para hablar con los padres acerca de tener conversaciones significativas con niños pequeños en un esfuerzo por disuadir el uso de sustancias.

¡Gracias a la Oficina de Drogas y Alcohol del Condado de Montgomery por apoyar nuestros programas!

Our Panelists / Nuestros Panelistas

Thank you to our wonderful Panelists for providing their expertise and insight.

Gracias a nuestros maravillosos panelistas por brindar su experiencia y conocimiento.

  • Britta Pennypacker, ELD Program Supervisor, Norristown Area School District

  • Nicole – A young person in recovery, and an alumnus of Norristown Area School District.  /  Un joven en recuperación y un ex alumno del Distrito Escolar del Área de Norristown.

  • Jill Adams, SFW, Director of Adolescent Services, Onwhard Behavioral Health, Rehab After School/Work

  • Maria Markakis, Carson Valley Children’s Aid

Moderator  /  Moderadora

  • Kim Porter, CFRS – Executive Director, Be a Part of the Conversation 

Translator / Traductora

  • Maria Salazar, ESL Community Liaison, Norristown Area School District

Helpful Information  /  Informacion Util

Now is the time to talk with our kids about drugs and alcohol.

Ahora es el momento de hablar con nuestros hijos sobre las drogas y el alcohol.

Talking About Drugs with Kids in Elementary School (ages 6-10)
“Addiction is Real”

6 Parenting Practices:  Help Reduce the Chances Your Child will Develop a Drug or Alcohol Problem
Partnership for Drugfree Kids

Conversation Tips for Every Age
Partnership for Drug-free Kids

Talk! They Hear You.
Underage drinking prevention.

Marijuana Talk Kit
Partnership for Drugfree Kids

Family Dinner Conversation Starters

Making Yourself Ready to Start the Conversation:  Guidelines for Parents & Guardians

Help Your Child to be Tobacco Free
from “Right Decisions Right Now”

How to Talk to a Child About a Parent’s Addiction
by David Sack, MD for The Huffington Post

How to Talk to Your Kids About Family Addiction
by Jaimie Seaton for the Washington Post

Dos and Don’ts: Talking to your Kids About Drugs
Drug Enforcement Agency

A reality check on kids and substance use.

Un chequeo de la realidad en niños y uso de sustancias.

Bullied Teens More Likely to Smoke, Drink and Use Drugs
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Teen Drug Facts

Principles of Substance Abuse Prevention for Early Childhood
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

As Opioid Crisis Alarms Communities, Drug Education Now Starts in Kindergarten
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Preventing Drug Use Among Children and Adolescents
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Top 8 Reasons why Teens Try Alcohol and Drugs
from “How to Keep Your Teenager Out of Trouble and What to Do if You Can’t,” by Dr. Neil I. Bernstein

This Study Could Unlock the Mysteries of Teen Brain Development
By Nora D. Volkow and George F. Koob; January 5, 2017

Underage Drinking
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What to Look For:  Here are some of the warning signs.
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Signs of Drug Use in a Teen Bedroom
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DEA Issues List of Street Drug Names
Clinical Pain Advisor

↓View the Powerpoint that was presented.↓

↓Ver el Powerpoint que se presentó.↓

Handouts  /  Folletos

Special Thanks!  /  ¡Gracias Especiales!

Kim Porter, CFRS
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