Following up after our June 12, 2017 program:

“Embracing the Consequences:
When unwanted outcomes become part of the solution.”

We gathered at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit for a special presentation that addressed the very important “consequences” of having a substance use disorder, and how those consequences might be the much-needed intervention that leads to recovery.

Our Moderator:

Eric Tankel, M.S.ED, LPC, CAADC, a Chester County native has returned home to help those young adults and adolescents who struggle with addiction and mental health issues. Eric is currently a therapist in private practice at Therapeutic Alliance. He also brings therapeutic services into the Synergy House men’s recovery residences in West Chester and Pottstown, PA. Eric has spent the majority of his career as a primary therapist at Adolescent Advocates. Eric holds a Masters of Science in Education with an emphasis in school and mental health counseling from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a licensed professional counselor and a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor.

Our Panelists:

Megan Thomas, Montgomery County Drug Treatment Court Coordinator. Megan shared her experience of witnessing transformations and real recovery while working in the judicial system, as well as her previous work as a probation officer in Chester County. She also helped the evening’s participants to learn about the process of qualifying for, applying for, and being accepted into the Drug Treatment Court program.

Diana, a person in long-term recovery. When Diana “no longer had a roof under which to drink” and feared losing the people she loved most, finally lead her to make recovery the most important goal in her life. Her family’s painful decision to separate from her gave Diana no alternative but to find and sustain sobriety, and today, those vital relationships are stronger than ever, and she has rebuilt her life.

Joe, a person in long-term recovery who is currently participating in the Montgomery County Drug Treatment Court Program. Joe found a system of support that has been essential to his sustained recovery.

Lori, a family member impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder. Lori shared her story of personal growth and the benefits of learning about healthy boundaries, which has helped her in many aspects of her life. She also found that service has been a gift in her life that she could not have predicted.

After the panel spent about one hour sharing stories of heartache and hope, our audience had an opportunity to follow up with some very illuminating questions and feedback. Representatives from several treatment programs, agencies and  organizations were on hand to share information about their services.

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“I met some people who will be a support to me in the future. I am seeking support for helping my son who is a drug addict, as well as helping me!”

“I liked how there was a variety of speakers. Each person had something different to say.”

“I never knew the details about drug treatment court. I was glad to hear the success in numbers from Megan Thomas!”

“Joe and Diana sharing their stories of recovery were a true inspiration!”

Below you will find resources relating to our topic of how the consequences of substance use can be the catalyst for positive change in all of our lives.

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Our Host:

Kim Porter, CFRS
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