Recovery Walks!

People have been walking in Recovery Walks! to support recovery from drug and alcohol addiction disorders during September’s National Recovery Month for 14 years. On September 19, 2015, 25,000 people represented the faces and voices of recovery in Philadelphia and saw PRO-ACT receive the Philadelphia Transformation Award for its work in helping individuals and families achieve long-term recovery.

Team Be a Part of the Conversation!

Rapper’s Delight

Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, surprised the crowd with his rendition of Rapper’s Delight! Pictured at left is Bev Haberly, Executive Director of The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania.

Be a Part of the Conversation Honored

Executive Director, Kim Rubenstein represented Be a Part of the Conversation, which was honored as an “Ambassador for Recovery.” Congratulations to the other organizations also honored:

• Angels in Motion

• Anthony’s Act

• The Anna Straw Initiative

• How to Save a Life

• Kacie’s Cause

• Break the Addiction

Kim Porter, CFRS
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