Heather Gregan, an adolescent substance abuse counselor from Rehab After School, moderated a panel of four young adults in recovery from drug addiction (two of whom are H-H alums) and two Hatboro-Horsham students who represented the high school’s student Be a Part of the Conversation committee.

The panel was asked prepared questions that addressed some compelling issues, such as what may have prompted their initial decision to experiment with drugs or alcohol, what contributed to (or might have deterred) their continued use, what influenced their eventual recovery, and their experience with sobriety as young adults.

After a short break, “Conversation” groups discussed what they heard from the panelists, i.e. what they might not have expected to hear, what concerns arose from their comments, and what they wanted to learn more about. The evening concluded with a question and answer period, which was remarkably open, honest and illuminating. Feedback was extremely positive.

Kim Porter, CFRS
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