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Bill Roberts was born and lived in Philadelphia until moving overseas to finish his education in England and Norway. He has been an executive in a national environmental services company for nearly 30 years. Bill and his wife Pam have been active in the regional Parent Support Group community for the last 10 years, and have authored several manuals outlining the experiences and wisdom accumulated by the members of these groups. Bill has served on numerous corporate boards over the years and has volunteered, among others, as a peer reviewer of start-ups for the Ben Franklin Partnership since 1989.

I believe in the Conversation’s mission, but more so in Kim Rubenstein. She is relentless in getting out the message of prevention, intervention and parent support. She believes stigma is a four-letter word needing to be eliminated. For several years I have witnessed the magic she and her colleagues at BPOC have conjured up for students, school administrators, and families at many of the Conversation events, especially her work with Parent Groups, and was honored to be asked to be a part of the team that supports her going forward.