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If you are an educator, community leader, concerned parent, or simply someone who believes that we can all benefit from having meaningful conversations about substance use and its affects on young people and their families . . . we invite you to join us!

Initial Consultation

What are the greatest concerns in your community? Have there been an unusual number of alcohol-related issues? Are you seeing more heroin use? We will work with you to determine the topics that need to be addressed based on interviews with stakeholders in your community, such as educators, family members, local health care and treatment providers, and law enforcement officials.

There are two ways to Be a Part of the Conversation

1. Choose from our Available Programs on an “as needed” basis.
2. Become a full Community Partner, and Be a Part of the Conversation will become an integral part of your community, providing ongoing support.

We stay abreast of trends and strive to engage the community with discussions of interest, as well as share stories from people in recovery. We engage experts to discuss addiction as a brain disease, warning signs of substance misuse, communication and intervention, prescription drug misuse, heroin addiction, and much more. We also hold an annual Conversation Forum every January, and participate in programs sponsored by local municipalities, such as National Night Out™. While most of our programs are community based and open to everyone, we occasionally bring in special guests to conduct assemblies or workshops with students.


Here are some of the specific topics Be a Part of the Conversation addresses:
• The Disease of Addiction
• Effective Communication Skills
• Setting Boundaries
• Warning Signs
• Finding “Natural Highs”
• Underage Drinking
• Media, Messaging & Youth
ADDICT, a Play Dramatizing Substance Use
• A Conversation About Heroin
• Prescription Drug Misuse
• A “Mock Teen Bedroom”
• Life in Recovery
• We also engage guests speakers such as Chris Herren, Matt Bellace,
Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Tom McLellan, and many others.

Browse Through Our Past Programs

Browse through a list of our past programs, some of which include follow-up information related to specific topics.

Past Programs
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iStock_000032996818CommunityPartnerWhen you become a Community Partner with Be a Part of the Conversation, you will begin to build a culture of awareness that will change lives. By maintaining a relationship with The Conversation over time, more and more residents will become aware that there is a resource available in times of struggle, that they live in a community that doesn’t judge others, and that through education and awareness, we can take positive action toward healing and lifelong recovery.

• Your school district and/or municipality will be listed on this website under “My Community,” where we will list resources and related programs in your area.
• We will help to establish a Parent Partnership support meeting if similar groups are not available in your area.
• As a Community Partner, you will have an opportunity to meet with other Partners, as well as Be a Part of the Conversation’s leadership and a network of professionals who are directly involved in substance misuse initiatives and treatment. We will discuss trends, best practices, and new opportunities to engage the public.

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