Transform Your Enabling Style Into Recovery Strengths

There is nothing digestible or tolerable about discovering that your child is in the throes of drug and alcohol addiction. One of the first things you may notice is how outsiders marginalize you and reject the medical “brain science” of addiction.  A strong belief exists that substance abuse is a moral or behavioral issue and [...]

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The Benefits of Support Groups for Parents and Family Members

Addiction is progressive and chronic. In the process, the addicted individual becomes detached from those he or she loves and the activities that used to bring joy. He loses a connection to the world around him.  He or she eventually becomes isolated from life. As the parent of an addicted person, can you identify a [...]

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Just Say No: A Parent’s Perspective

I am not talking about Nancy Reagan's 1980's failed campaign to discourage our kids from drinking and taking drugs.  That wasteful and misguided approach had the unintended effect of reinforcing the stigma that addiction and alcoholism are character traits, poor choices and moral failings, and not, as the medical profession had even then long recognized, [...]

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Drug Courts – The Humanity of Not Incarcerating Sick People

About a hundred people went to an eye-opening event last night hosted by Mary Nixon at the New Leaf Club in Rosemont. Addressing the apparent ambivalence regarding society’s near passive reaction to thousands of sick people dying each year from the epidemic of heroin, Judge Steven O’Neill from the Montgomery County Drug Treatment Court started [...]

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