“Don’t Be an Ostrich!”

Debra Delp, LPN, an experienced addiction counselor and certified nurse, presented an educational and open discussion about teenage substance abuse on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Standing next to an astounding array of drug paraphernalia and illuminating photographs, Deb educates parents and other concerned adults about some of the trends in substance use, as well as [...]

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A Conversation About Heroin

Late in the summer of 2013, four young adults in the Hatboro-Horsham community died from heroin overdoes within a two-month period. Members of Be a Part of the Conversation felt that action must be taken to address this troubling epidemic. The former Hatboro-Horsham students who passed away, ranging in ages 18 to 23, were dearly [...]

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Technology and its Impact on Our Youth

Adolescent Therapist, Michael Blanche, MSS, LCSW, spoke with families and educators about the seemingly innocuous, but potentially harmful exposure to technology that children in today’s society are experiencing. The development of the internet and related technology has provided us with some wonderful possibilities, but with that comes a great deal of over-exposure, misinformation, and the [...]

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2nd Annual “Conversation Forum”

As a result of the overwhelming response to our first “Conversation Forum” we offered another opportunity to hear from a panel of students and young adults who provided insights into the challenges confronting them in today’s world. In addition to the young adults in recovery, we also heard from an often-overlooked segment of our community [...]

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Chris Herren: “Basketball Junkie”

The Hatboro-Horsham community had an amazing opportunity to hear from Chris Herren, a former NBA player whose steady progression toward addiction to pain killers and heroin nearly ended his life. Chris shared his compelling story in two phenomenal events. An evening community presentation drew an audience of more than 800 people, and concluded with a [...]

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“Addict” Comes to the Stage

2015 Update We are pleased to announce that Addict will return to the Hatboro-Horsham stage on Thursday & Saturday, March 19 & 21, 2015!   >> Click here to learn more. Students Perform Addict at Hatboro-Horsham High School "Be a Part of the Conversation," Hatboro-Horsham School District's drug and alcohol awareness program, presented a gritty and realistic [...]

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Summer Retreat

In an effort to review the Be a Part of the Conversation program’s first year in action, a diverse group of 40 stakeholders was assembled to reevaluate the program’s Mission and Vision, assess progress to date, and establish long- and short-term goals. Among the retreat participants were several Hatboro-Horsham High School students, educators, parents, and [...]

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Student Survey

After many months of research and review, a small committee consisting of district administrators, teachers and students assembled a survey to be administered to all Hatboro-Horsham High School students. A public service announcement was created by students, alerting their peers to the impending survey and admonishing them to answer the questions honestly, in order to [...]

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Warning Signs & Communication Skills

This “Conversation Forum” consisted of two parts:  Session I: Warning Signs of Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction. Guests watched an H-H-produced video clip that dramatized a mother trying to wake her teenage son for school, only to find suspicious items in his room. Several warning signs are represented in the clip, which were discussed following [...]

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