This “Conversation Forum” consisted of two parts: 

Session I: Warning Signs of Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction.

Guests watched an H-H-produced video clip that dramatized a mother trying to wake her teenage son for school, only to find suspicious items in his room. Several warning signs are represented in the clip, which were discussed following the viewing. After a break, guests watched a second clip which was published by “The Partnership at,” dramatizing a typical breakdown in communication between a mother and teenage daughter who has exhibited suspicious behavior, leading to our next topic:

Session II: Communication Skills & Intervention.

Facilitated groups discussed strategies for cooperative, effective conversations at times of great concern over a loved one’s disconcerting behaviors. Groups also reviewed guidelines for actions that may need to be taken when abuse or addiction is suspected. A “Resources” list of professional therapeutic specialists and treatment centers was provided to each guest, along with appropriate school district personnel and contact information. A final video clip (also produced by H-H) depicted a typical parent/teenager conflict, showing a calm, appropriate response by the parents, thereby reinforcing the communication skills that were discussed earlier.

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